Quote of the Day - 10 August 2005


Yes, proponents of intelligent design understand the eye…but only as one example, not as the basis of a general principle. ‘Oh, yes, we know all about the eye,’ they say (we paraphrase). ‘We’re not going to ask what use half an eye is. That’s simple-minded nonsense.’ So instead, they ask what use half a bacterial flagellum is, and thereby repeat the identical error in a different context. -Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen The Science of Discworld III: Darwin’s Watch


Pterry is, amongs other characteristics like great writer and extremelly funny, probably the most quotable person alive. Notice that he has already come up twice in 5 (6?) quotes of the day so far. I’m glad he’s on our side: if he was doing the soundbites for Creationism, we’d be in oh so much trouble.

A helpful link to many great quotes: link

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Grey Wolf

I really need to buy that book at some point. It definitely sounds like it would be worth it.

Science of Discworld III is especially good (and relevant to this blog). I only skimmed the science sections (I wanted to finish it quickly), but they basically revolved around two themes: time travel/multiple universes and evolution by natural selection. Those of you who have read The Last Continent can probably guess one of the characters who’ll show up in this book…

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