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As a long time creationist watcher, and frankly bored of sitting in front of my computer practically 24/7 here in Whitehall, Montana, I decided to take a road trip to Post Falls, Idaho to play with my new Canon 350D digital camera and see if Answers in Genesis is any less ridiculous then the last time I saw one of their hacks in person.

To answer the latter, no, they are not. But the rental car lady gave me this kick ass ‘05 Mustang, so the drive up, diverted by the fires in this part of the state, was a real blast. Beautiful scenery through Lolo National Forest, and then into Idaho showed some stunning geological formations. And every time I stopped for a photo I found the ‘stang did killer burnouts getting back onto the road.

Joe Bob Briggs says, ‘Check it out!’

Skip Evans

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a very nice pictoral essay. reminds me of the slide shows students used to present from their field seasons while i was at UC Berkeley.

“ears are not what you use to listen to someone else’s view, they’re for storing your bubble gum when you’re not chewing it. “

ah yes. i came to a general conclusion long ago that folks who think coincidentally to the featured speaker from AIG are often afflicted with the same debilitating disease.

It’s a disease i see all too commonly amongst the innumerable rush limbaugh and GW fans out here in the desert SW.


You are a better man than i, gunga din, if you can actually walk away from a meeting like that without retching.

on a totally unrelated note, how do you like your cannon digital rebel? been hearing good things about the new version that came out this year.

good luck, skip.

The 350D is pretty sweet, but I am surely no photographer at this point. Wesley has been helpful getting me started, and reading through the manual at least got me into the basics.

I am much in need of a tutorial on digital photography and will order one soon.

I think if you’re looking for a digital camera you should spring for a DSLR. The ability to swap out lenses and adjust aperture and exposure speeds makes all the difference in a lot of shots.

Plus, chicks dig ‘em.

Most folks do seem to like the rebel quite a bit; it seems to compare favorably in image quality with cameras costing quite a bit more. Glad it is working out for you.

If you are looking for some tips on digital photography, I have found the forums from Popular Photography Magazine to be very useful resource over the last few years:[…].asp?catID=4

you will get excellent feedback on your photos in the reader gallery, and the how-to and digital sections often have great tips (including stickies with literally hundreds of pages of summarized techniques and tips to try out).

As to DSLR vs P&S… well, point-and-shoots definetly have their uses; it really depends on the situation. I’ve used primarily an olympus 5060 p&s and have gotten many great shots with it:

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It’s always nice to have both around, if you have the room to carry them.

otoh, the “chicks dig ‘em” argument is hard to counter :) I usually put on attachement lenses and hoods with external strobes for a P&S to get the same effect… that “big lens” effect seems to always impress for some reason.

Next year should see a whole new series of camera protypes being released by oly, cannon, and nikon which i am very much looking forward to.

oh, er, i guess i’m rambling, but photography (all the stuff posted on the link) is why i have been absent from PT for several months ;p


now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

oop; looks like the flickr site is down at the moment. the link is right tho so just check it a bit later.

With all the great fishing water you past by, I am afraid that I would have never got “to the church in time.”

ah.. fishing… i haven’t done that in so long i’ve almost forgotten what it’s like. actually, I did do some fishing in Idaho the last time i was there (90?); somwhere in the sawtooth national recreation area.

Quite enjoyable, as i recall. I wonder if it’s still the same?

Skip, you da man. Thanks for the excellent and thoughtful write-up.

Ahem. About the second photo; the one that proves you were blasting down the highway in excess of the speed limit while your attention was diverted by fiddling with a camera…

That “Evolution shaft” is trixie.

Who says I took that photo?

Who says I took that photo?

You should have taken Prof. Steve Steve along with you to share the blame.

Sounds like a cool trip. My own vacation didn’t include any creationist tourists traps (or a speedy rental–just my 4-banger Ford Ranger), but it did take me to the “Evolution Region” of California’s Sierra Nevada, where the peaks have been named after Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, etc. Photos here:[…]na_2005.html

Holy crap! I mean.….……holy crap!!

I had no idea this was going on in Post Falls. In case you’re wondering.…I live outside of Spokane! Ah, but that’s not all.

I lived in Post Falls for a year before we bought a house on the Washington side. Ah, but that’s not all.

While in Post Falls, my wife attended the North Country Chapel!! Ah, but that’s not all.

One Sunday, she came home with a pile of handouts and transcripts, entitled “Why I’m not an Evolutionist”. So I sat down and read through it all. It was bad even for AIG’s disciples. A lot of the usual quotes, but in some cases, they combined parts of quotes from different people into a single quote!

So, as nicely as possible, I made it clear to my wife that while she was free to do whatever she wished, I cannot allow her to take our young children to a church that teaches them their father and his friends are all either dishonest conspirators or bumbling idiots (I’m a biologist). After a bit of discussion, she agreed.

Now they go to a nice Lutheran Church that is fairly progressive. Heck, I even go from time to time!

But now that I see the post from Skip, all I can say is WHEW!!!

Thanks for the thoughtful write-up, Skip. I was especially touched by your admiration for the congregation’s overall kindness. When skewering fundy rants, it is easy to forget that most of them are honest, hard-working and love their families and their country more than anything. Their utter contempt for science notwithstanding, I’m certain the great majority of the YEC congregation are actually good folks at heart albeit misguided. Enjoy your DSLR. After holding onto my film SLR purism for four or five years I finally caved and bought a Canon Powershot S2 IS 5.0 MP. All of those years spent in the darkroom perfecting my developing and printing techniques can now be considered officially obsolete (soon to be extinct I fear). Oh well, that’s evolution for ya!


I will disagree with you on a small point: I don’t believe the people at North County Chapel have any contempt for science, but what was very clear is they have been convinced to believe that if they don’t tow AiG’s theological line they will be eternal charcoal once they shuffle off the old mortal coil.

Kerby continually said they didn’t have to “fear” each piece of science he distorted, because he had a handy, easy to understand (albeit completely idiotic) response.

Fear is the key, and AiG hammers it home. Believe the same thing we do, our view of the Bible, history, science, the whole shebang, or burn.

Once they buy into that, unfortunately, they are terribly susceptible to the crap Kerby was peddling.

I believe they are sincere in their desire to understand science.

But what is sad is the “willful ignorance” they cling to when it comes to anything AiG says is bad for their theology.


One chhristian got in on the peaks - Mt Dana - only one I have climbed.

Dana is interesting on evolution though, took his time to accept but he did as did Gray before him. It took Lyell even longer, but he was always one for a long time!

Robert, here in my back yard in Colorado the Christians have an entire RANGE, the Sangre de Cristo range. (Kind of a gruesome image for a non-Christian like me.) And I guess they can also claim Cathedral Peak near Dana. After climbing it, John Muir wrote that it was the first time he’d been to church since arriving in California. But he was quite the evangelical–just preaching nature instead of Jesus.

Lyell is a great climb, BTW.

Nice photos Skip. After finding out that I’m going to be a daddy last month, I decided my old p&s 4mp Canon G3 (excellent camera) just wasn’t good enough for my child. I did some serious soul searching (and many hours of research) trying to decide between the 350D and the Nikon D70s. After several painful days of weighing the pros and cons of each, it all came down to ergonomics. The compact design of the 350D body just didn’t match with my big clumsy hands. I hope you enjoy your new camera. Based on all the reviews I read, you certainly made an excellent choice.

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