The Crap is Hitting the Fan

Hey, has anyone else noticed that the **** is hitting the fan?

Yesterday, two Time Magazine reporters called me to confirm a quote I e-mailed them earlier in the week, about the New Mexican ID crowd’s ignoring new standards and promoting their ID crap anyway. I said “Gee, ‘crap’ sounds a little strong, can we use ‘nonsense’ instead?” The answer was no, however, because the article was already typeset, and ‘nonsense’ has twice the letters of ‘crap.’ So ‘crap’ it is, on newstands tomorrow (Monday).

The Albuquerque Journal’s Paul Logan has been grilling me re ID for a few days, plus many other sources. That’s supposed to be in tomorrow’s Albuquerque Journal.

As Nick mentioned, the History Channel is showing “Ape to Man: the Evolution of Evolution” tonight (Sunday).

Tuesday’s NightLine on ABC will be about creationism, too.

Between the Cardinal and the President, it seems the issue of creationism is evolving legs.

Cheers, Dave