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We’re sorry for being offline for most of the day. We are trying to solve bandwidth issues.


FYI - Your default page for the site still says there is a problem.

It’s hell to be popular.

While you’re elbow-deep in the site’s code, it would be nice if you could take a look at what’s up with your RSS feed. On the aggregator I use (Bloglines), whenever you update anything, it marks the last N posts as new, so I keep seeing the same batch of articles over, and over, and over. I like what you do, but, y’know, not that much…

I’m not sure if this is a problem on your end or a Bloglines glitch, but I thought I should tell you about it, rather than just muttering darkly to myself every time it happens.


I think it is a problem with Bloglines, since it doesn’t happen in the feeders that I use. However, I will look into it. Tell me if it stops acting weird.

That’s YOUR excuse. I think god did it.

Er, I mean an intelligent designer, er hacker.


Welcome back. Now get reporting! Kansas Board Advances a Draft Critical of Evolution

You Darwinists need to do your research. Haven’t you ever heard of Catastrophism? Events occur in seconds not millions of years (ie: California floods, Florida hurricanes, tsunami). Every fossil record shows less species as time goes forward. Even Darwin did not believe the eyeball evolved! Have any of you read all of Darwin’s writings like I have?

I’m a practicing Geologist and practicing Christian, and I have proven to myself, through science, that Darwinism is a bunch of “monkey crap”. You people are so afraid of a higher being because you don’t like to be judged. How immature and unintelligent. Hey, I guess your relatives are monkeys. Not mine.

I’ll pray for you all, Steve

PS Do you have the guts to post this?

Dear Sir: If you’re bold enough to expose your ignorance (for which you have less excuse than most) for all the world to see, I think we can scrape together enough guts to let you.

Steve Miller - as a practicing ecologist I am well aware of catastrophic events and the way in which they shape future ecosystems, and indeed evolution. What is your point?

Less species as time goes forward? Let’s see the data.

Darwin didn’t believe that the eyeball evolved? Scientific knowledge has moved on a bit since then.

I have no issues with being related to monkeys through common ancestors - I guess that I’m just not as insecure as you.

Please add “practicing delusional” to your list.

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