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As part of the Australian Science Festival, I went to one of the ABC's Science in the Pub programs on The Science of Siblings, in the congenial surrounds of King O'Malley's Irish Pub in Canberra. Paul Willis (another ex-palaeontologist! - not surprising as he can't spell it either) and Bernie Hobbs (pictured) led a stimulating discussion about siblings and twins.

Steve, Paul and Bernie at the Pub

Steve and beer I attended with Chris Nedin (the Archaeopteryx FAQ) and Jim Foley (occasional Panda's Thumb contributor and Fossil Hominids author). I am a solitary panda (having been told that one of me was more than enough), Chris has a twin sister, and Jim is an "Irish twin" - he has a non-twin sibling born in the same year, so we had all the permutations covered! I did my share of chairing, and there was beer, wine and mugs of chocolates to be had. I stuck to beer and mugs of chocolates as they were more my size. The whole affair was recorded to be broadcast on national radio at some time to come. I wasn't recorded, but Chris was (he even got a laugh - although I don't know whether it was because of his comments or the fact that he's an ex-palaeontologist).

Next stop is Adelaide, to visit that nice Dr Musgrave and help him tighten up his chapter on Intelligent Design. Once he heard that I was going to Adelaide, Chris has told me not to miss his Big Dick. Honestly, I've never seen someone so excited, just because Chris' Dick is over a metre long and is exhibited in the South Australian Museum! To humour him I've said I'll take a peek. All will be revealed.


What the #@!! kind of pub has long blocks of thick text on the walls?

Are the patrons required to read a selection aloud before being allowed to quaff another round?

I am told that there is a bar in the frozen north of Michigan called “The Library” which, in its previous incarnation and perhaps also in its current one, has walls covered with texts.  However, I believe that reading them has always been optional.

I’ve seen a coffeehouse in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) which for a while had the restroom papered with Euclid’s Geometry.

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I see no thumbs on that panda, and given it’s a stuffed toy it was most likely made in China, and because pandas live in China, therefore Chinese doll-makers know what pandas look like, therefore pandas have no thumbs, therefore evolution is a big satanic lie. I’ve finally proven Darwin wrong after all these years. But at the very least I want to know how that panda is going to pick up that pint with no thumbs…

Re “But at the very least I want to know how that panda is going to pick up that pint with no thumbs…”

Bamboo chopsticks, maybe?

I still think the old Library was better than the new Library (graduated from Tech in 2000, btw). bg, did you know that there is now a Library pub in Novi (my hometown), a suburb of Detroit? Founded by a Tech grad, of course.

The Library Sports Bar is in Novi Michigan,it does not brew its own beer,but does make the best Hot wings in the state. And since this weekend is the Michigan Michigan State game (sooo State) it will be packed on Saturday!

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