The Onion Does it Again.



damn the onion is a grand paper!

I used to have a subscription once upon a time.

thanks for the reminder post, Reed. I think i’ll go visit their site right now :)

Hehe - I love The Onion.

As a bit of a derail but has anyone else seen the new Guinness advert? It involves a nicely done ‘reverse evolution’. More details here and you can watch it here

More fun from the Onion here. I wonder when Dembski will get on board the “Intelligent Falling” bandwagon.…

More fun from the Onion here. I wonder when Dembski will get on board the “Intelligent Falling” bandwagon.…

Dembski ? He don’t need no “Intelligent anything.. phht” he got de power of d’Lord in his finger tips and all those who touch him why dey just see dat power.

Some how his attempt at leading a sweeping new “re-volution” through the scorched valleys of scientific damnation is not convincing enough besides being incredibly vain and narcissistic.

I see 2 choices for him- an honest effort to climb a theological/philosophical mountain and seek a deeper understanding of himself and man, if his past efforts are anything to go by he’ll get trapped in a pub on the way with a bunch of drunks who keep buying him beers.

or more handwaving.

Why is it that the Onion and the Daily Show are the most accurate “news sources” when it comes to probing the cultural craziness in this country?

If there is 10v16 prokaryotes in a ton of soil,how many of these critters would there be in a ton of bovine excrement.Perhaps the Wayne Newton of Information and the other riff-raff of DI could enlighten us on this subject they know so well.

or more handwaving.

*shrug* whatever pays the bills, eh?

Re “Christian Right Lobbies To Overturn Second Law Of Thermodynamics”

Overturn it? And here I thought they depended on it for their arguments! Oh wait, they “stopped using” that one a while ago, didn’t they. Never mind.


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