Ask Prof. Steve Steve #2


Welcome to the second edition of Ask Prof. Steve Steve. Today’s question comes from Michael in Newark, Delaware.

Hi, my name is Michael, from Newark, Delaware, and I’ve noticed you’re running a little question and answer session on the Panda’s Thumb, a wonderful little blog I’ve run across and that I read quite faithfully.

That said, I am a junior at high school, and one of my areas of interest is in the environmental sciences. I am self studying in the area (partially for myself, and partially for the yearly envirothon competitions) and I’m wondering if you could suggest a textbook that is a bit more advanced and more detailed then my current text (Environmental Science, Eighth Edition, written by Richard T. Wright and Bernard J Nebel) or the one I’ve used in the past (the ecology chapters of Biology, 6th edition, by Campbell and Reece)?

Thank you kindly for your time and your help.

I contacted a friend of Dr. Wesley Elsberry, Dr. Jane Packard at Texas A&M University, who recommended the following books for Envirothon:

If you’ve got a question about science or cultural issues around it, drop me a line at [Enable javascript to see this email address.] or [Enable javascript to see this email address.]. I will not answers questions posed in comments.

Please include your name, school, town, and science course, as appropriate.


Dear Prof. Steve Steve,

I’ve been dating a very nice woman recently. She is kind, smart, careful with money, loyal and beautiful. Recently, however, I discovered that she does not like bamboo shoots. What excuse should I give her for dumping her?

Dear Prof. S. Steve:

What is up with this blog entry? It keeps popping up on by Bloglines feed as having been updated. It seems to have been updated once or twice a day since it was origionally posted. And this isn;t the first repeatedly updated post on this blog. What is the deal?

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