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If you've grown weary of following all of the post-election fallout, feel free to have a look at my new column for CSICOP's Creation and Intelligent Design Watch site. I put to rest once and for all the idea that Stephen Jay Gould would have objected to NCSE's “Steves” list. Enjoy!

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The comment about the Lamarckian mechanism in bacteria is out of date. The “Lamarckian phenomenon” of “directed evolution” is well-accommodated by the induction of error-prone DNA polymerase (thus increasing the random frequency of sparing mutations) under stress conditions, and also a position effect due to the constructions used, and the vagaries of the E. coli chromosome.

This is how science works, Dr. Dembski. In this case, Darwinian evolution was subjected to experimental test, and proven robust. Contradictions when found led to experiments. The experiments led to new knowledge.

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