Announcement: Dover Blog and News Carnival

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A couple of times during the trial (see here and here) I posted roundups of news articles about what had been going on with the case. I will be doing the same thing tonight, and will be including blog articles. Basically, this will be a one shot blog carnival.

I’ve only begun to skim around for material, but we’ve already got something like 10 posts on the topic here, so I’m anticipating that there will be plenty of stuff out there by this evening. I’m hoping to be able to make at least a representative sample available in a one-stop post.

Anyone wishing to submit links is more than welcome to. Please send them to [Enable javascript to see this email address.] no later than 2200H, HST (GMT -10:00) tonight. The one-shot carnival will be hosted on my personal blog and linked to from here.

I will be accepting and linking to pro-ID articles, but if you choose to submit a pro-ID link be warned that I will be commenting on the links I include, and I do not promise neutrality.

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Ooh, you better have some bandwidth. Panda’s Thumb and Pharyngula have both been slow for much of the day.

Hey Mike,

here’s an entry of sorts. i’ve been collecting commentary all day at:[…]hmic-80.html

anyone else (pro-evo) who would like their material linked to at my site, please hit me with a comment or an email.

tony g

Hi there.

Pretty nice blog, wants to see much more on it! :) Reading it, at least, 2-3 times a day :)

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