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Hi everyone. I have a few free minutes from my extensive itinerary (currently in Australia again) to let people know that I will be heading to the UK shortly. Chris Nedin, with whom I am currently staying, will be heading over there next week and I am taking the opportunity to travel with him (although I’ll be travelling much closer to the front of the plane than Nedin, as befits my role as roving ambassador and famous panda). I plan to take Nedin around the British Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London on Saturday Dec 10th to educate him in matters evolution in general and palaeontology in particular. Should be fun (for me anyway). Any locally-based readers of the Panda’s Thumb are welcome to join us, and I will be happy to pose for photos and sign autographs, and maybe later accept generous quantities of fine alcoholic beverages at a local public house. I plan to be under the big dinosaur in the entrance hall at 11.00 am, and, as I’m pretty confident of being the only panda present, I should be easy to spot. However, on the off chance that other panda’s may be present, I’ll be the one wearing the mortarboard. I you plan to attend, I’d be grateful if you could contact me either through this forum, or directly via [Enable javascript to see this email address.], just so that I know how long to hang around.

Look forward to seeing you in London

Professor Steve Steve


Welcome to the UK Prof Steve Steve - remember to wrap up warm and bring a brolley!

Hmm, I might be able to attend. Depends on whether I’m sober enough… Will confirm later, once the Evil University Term of Dhoooom is finished.

I might be able to attend. Will definitely go if possible.

I doubt I’ll be able to muster up the enthusiasm for London, certainly at this time of year - even with such a plush panda in the vicinity. While you’re in the entrance hall of the NHM though, don’t forget to look up and around at the beautiful sculptured tiles and mouldings - many of which are unfortunately now hidden from view behind some ugly facades in the various galleries.

Prof Steve, be careful you don’t end up as an exhibit at London Zoo. After all, how can Nedin be trusted?

Prof Steve, sorry to be stuck in IL during your tour of the NHM (please drink at least one 20-oz. pint for me).

if you (or any other Panda-wannabie) ever care to offer a similar tramp around the museums of Chicago…please let us mid-west blue-staters know.


I live 10 minutes away from the NHM - I may join you!

I may be able to make this.

One thing that I really must thank the creationists/IDers for is the immeasurable amount of information I’ve learnt about evolution.

Dear Prof. Steve Steve,

“How can Nedin be trusted?”

– Carl Wieland Director, Creation Research Foundation, Queensland, Australia

I’ll be there hopefully. I’ll drop an email later on. I’ll bring my pet creationist with me, if I can get him out of the dank, anti-intellectual quarters of my cavernous mansion. I’ll bring the hardback copy of Dawkins’ latest creation, so I can smack the bugger in the chops with it.

Hi Tom, thanks for informing me (via the Brights page) about the Natural History Museum on Saturday.

I will be there from 11am.

See everyone there.


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