Barbara Forrest on tonight’s InfidelGuy


Check out tonight’s InfidelGuy radio program (airs at 8PM EST) featuring Barbara Forrest.

Dr. Barbara Forrest, author of “Creationism’s Trojan Horse” reappears on the program to discuss her thoughts about design, evolution, and the recent court case heard in Dover, Pennsylvania. Dr. Forrest provided key testimony at the trial herself, and we’ll hear first hand how it all unfolded!

(Hat tip to ELGS over at Internet Infidels Discussion Board).


Check out http://americanradioworks.publicrad[…]n/index.html for a transcript and recording of “Intelligent Designs on Evolution” that aired today on NPR.

“Questions about our origins as a species have been plaguing us as humans, prodding us as scientists and dividing us as Americans for more than a hundred years, if not for all time. Gallup polls show that nearly half of Americans believe God created man 10,000 years ago, as the Bible says, and another third believe man evolved, but God had a hand in it. At the same time, only a third of the American public believe Darwin’s theory of evolution is supported by evidence. Yet nearly all scientists and science teachers do believe in the evolutionary process. So when it comes to how we teach this topic in public schools, the controversy gets even more heated.”

It seems that it would be better for us to share this by chosing the low ‘24k audio’ bit of bandwidth rather than chosing the broadband video option.

Our host has disabled video anyway because of the huge demand for Babs…

looking forward to this.….…

Dr. Forrest is a major babe. Is there a way to listen to the segment on the computer today (Saturday)?

You can also see Barbara’s AEI presentation here Get the transcripts too!

This is the talk she gave in October at the “Science Wars: Should Schools Teach Intelligent Design?” debate hosted by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

She is one of many speakers including Ken Miller and a few Discovery Institute types and legal man himself, Richard Thompson.

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