Bronowski on DVD


A few people commenting on my post about Jacob Bronowski asked if The Ascent of Man was available on DVD. A friend has emailed to let me know that it is available not only on European-DVD format, but also on a format readable by U.S. DVD players.


OT, sorry if this has already been posted.

The winning lawyers from the Dover trial are going to be speaking in Kansas in a few weeks.

Eric Rothschild and Stephen Harvey argued successfully that the Dover Board of Education cannot require science students to hear about intelligent design. A federal judge ruled last month that intelligent design, the belief that nature shows scientific proof of a creator, is not science and cannot be taught in public science classes.

The lawyers will speak at a public forum — “Intelligent Design, Kansas Science Education and the Law” —from 1 to 5 p.m. Jan. 28 at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas.

Anyone planning to attend or know if conference will be made available online?

I didn’t see an alert on this.…[…]/292005b.asp

Republican Senator Mike Fair

“An education panel in South Carolina is mulling over changes to a biological evolution teaching standard for the state’s schools. The state’s Education Oversight Committee recently moved to modify four biology teaching guidelines in an effort to balance schools’ teaching of evolution by introducing a broader range of scientific viewpoints. “

“However, he acknowledges that the changes have angered some philosophical materialists in higher education”

“Fair says although intelligent design is a secular scientific perspective that he considers appropriate for public schools…”

Of all the stupid pandering.…looks like they’ve opened another front!

When we tell them that there are no other “scientific” viewpoints they don’t listen. Looks like another Dover in the making.

Have just finished watching Dawkins’ show. Was absolutely bloody brilliant. The guy does the best impression of Socrates I’ve ever seen.

Actually the response he got was rather scary. I’m amazed that the guy doesn’t need bodyguards…

Just in case anyone is confused about Corkscrew’s post - it’s a documentary Dawkind is doing in the UK on religion called the Root of all evil

I doubt very much you’ll ever get to see that in the States - the TV execs would need bodyguards…

The Bronowski series had a profound impact on me when I was 15. I’m very proud to say that I persuaded the school to buy a copy of the book for the library. Bronowski was also interviewed by Michael Parkinson (in the uk) just after he finished the series - he again showed his profound insights into humanity - and explained his own feelings when he walked into the water at Auschwitz - completely spontaneous apparantly…

They showed the series on a satelite channel channel here about a year ago - along with a number of moving tributes from modern thinkers as to the influence of the series.

I am a great admirer of Dawkins - but Bronowski really was something else when it comes to TV.

I saw the Bronoski series on TV back in the 70’s, I think: fuzzy reception out in the country. It was very influential in my life, giving me a sense of the importance and grandeur of ideas, as well as an understanding about how developing those ideas plays out in a culture. It would be very interesting to watch them all again at thsi stage in my life, and in the context of the evolution/creationism issues that I have gotten onvolved in.

Funny thing about South Carolina is that whatever organization that recently ranked science curricula around the country gave SC an A+ for its science standards and the highest rating for its handling of evolution.

Isn’t South Carolina the place where the ‘Christian Exodus’ guys are all heading for?

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