Elsberry on dKos


Darksyde’s “Know your creationists” series on Daily Kos has become a “Know your friends” edition today, with a profile of Wesley Elsberry of the NCSE.


i want to know of any sites that you can talk to people like xanga.like have your own website.thanx

Very interesting.

PS – this message is not from Sir_Toejam. This message is just a test.

Larry, what the fuck are you doing?

Professor Myers,

wouldn’t you say that this fellow Larry Fafarman has far exceeded the limits of tolerable trollishness?

My 11-year-old daughter has left behind this kind of behavior!

I’m completely baffled. What is this guy trying to do?

I’ll do some cleanup shortly, but for now…this is the kind of behavior that can get a fellow banned. Knock it off. You’re abusing the comment system.

OK, moron, that’s enough. You are doing the one thing guaranteed to get you kicked off: you are making work for me, and I hate work.

It seems this dimbulb couldn’t post on one of the other threads, either because he’s being actively censored by RBH or simply because his first post had too many links in it and so was held for moderation. His response: 1) try to get around any blocks by posting as another user, and 2) posting his crap on a completely randomly selected thread. This is the excuse he gave:

clueless idiot Wrote:

Sorry to borrow your handle, Sir_ Toejam, but RBH is blocking my posts, so I figured I had to use someone else’s handle to get through. Anyway, I am not impersonating you, because everyone knows that I am not you.

This message belongs on the “Dover Trap” thread but RBH is unethically blocking my messages there, so I am posting the message here instead. Will someone please ask RBH to stop blocking my messages. My messages are on-topic (at least as on-topic as the messages I am responding to) and reasonably polite. Panda’s Thumb is hardly deserving of the award it got from Scientific American magazine.

I’ll be deleting these as I get to them. In fact, if this dumb-as-a-stick gomer ever shows up on any of my posts, he will be deleted.

Was Larry responding to my post on the Dover Trap thread? If so, and assuming it’s still available in the system, could you please send the contents of his post to my email, PZ? I’ve been waiting all day to see his response. Or did it get moved to AtBC?

I apologize for the extra work the idiot has caused you - I certainly never intended for him to do something this stupid in replying to me.

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