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Ken Miller’s talk at Case last night has been archived:

REAL PLAYER Windows Media Player

No definitive info on how long they’ll last, but rumor has it that normal is two months.



That is without a doubt the most thorough treatment of the history of the ID movement, culminating with the trial in Dover, that I have ever seen, hands down.

at 2 hours plus it oughta be!

Dr. Miller’s speaking skills are just as good as his writing skills.

definetly worth a listen.

thanks again, RBH.

Superb presentation. It would be great if this could be made available on video or DVD!

I would very much like to get a DVD of this presentation - and use it in talks with some Minnesota legislators.

I have lunch with a woman who ran for state senate - and lost - in a Republican leaning district - partly because she blew it when asked about Intelligent Design. She’s a good person - and I think she just didn’t think things through. This video tape would speak to her - because she is part of a very socially conservative church.

all the current hosters would have to do is convert from streaming media format to static, then users could save the whole video to disk and make their own dvds or cds.

hmm. i suppose it would be easy enough to just use some shareware that does that on the fly.

I’ll post a link.


Nice one Sir_Toejam. Well worth keeping.

I’m currently capturing the stream. i’ll convert to mpeg and will leave one version at its current rate (suitable for conversion to high-quality video tape) and will convert it to a bit more compressed format (it’s at 384kbs right now, so i’ll probably shrink that in half).

It’s gonna be a huge frickin file at full resolution (think at least hundreds of mb, if not a gig or more), so I’m sure lots will prefer the higher compression version.

It will take 2 hours to capture, probably at least that long to convert, and then i’ll post it temporarily to my server until someone volunteers to become a more permanent host (heh, my “server” is just a laptop right now).

or, you can do your own capture and conversions. I’m trying out this software (asf recorder), which is free:[…],7942,00.asp

it appears to be capturing the stream just fine.


oh, and that’s of course assuming that the stream capture itself works out correctly :)

Could we put the full quality version on a p2p network?

hmm. now you’re talking about legalities. technically, yes. legally… i think you might need to get permission from the hosters of Ken’s talk.

but what do i know.

I doubt Ken would object, unless he plans on incorporating his talk into his own video release.

I suggest keeping it for your own “personal” use until such time as those issues become clearer. and that is, again, if the stream capture completes successfully. the asp capture program is a bit antiquated; it’s possible new formats might not convert successfully.

about another hour and I will know for sure.


Can we pass the hat and collect some money…I’d like to donate 60 copies of the DVD to Dover HS Science Dept.…anonymously, of course.

Just a quick note for those of you running *nix:

I’m currently using mplayer to do the stream capture (using the -dumpstream/-dumpfile options) and it seems to be working just fine.

Can anyone do a .torrent for this or otherwise link to a non-streaming source. I had to quit after 30 minutes. Just too hard to follow with that many breaks for buffering, and this is at 11pm(CST). Love what I’ve heard so far.

no dice for asf capture. the saved media file is not readable for conversion.


i’ll try using mplayer and see if i can use the option switches suggested by caerbannog

I was there at Case last night. This is the second time I am seeing Dr.Miller. He was in his element. For the “it is about the science not philosophy” dissemblers Miller’s answer to my question (the last but one) is a smackdown. Ken says that unexpectedly there were no quesions on the blood clotting cascade from the defence instead they chose to dig into his book, of course with little success. Maybe scientists should write more fiction - not the unintended ID kind.

Shiva: I was the last questioner. :)


ok, problem solved. ‘tis true, asf capture is too old for these media files. I had to find an alternative program, which i tested on a small segment of the iterview and it works fine.

so, it will still take 3 hours (ugh) to get the full video, and I’ll convert it to.. what would folks prefer?

avi? mpeg?

the full version is just under 300mb. that’s at 384kb (which is full video quality). that’s a bit large for me to host. I can compress that to half without losing much quality.

anybody wanna volunteer to host the files?

*sigh* i’ll try using mplayer and see if i can use the option switches suggested by caerbannog.

Arrrgghh… just filled up my disk-drive! But at least the RealVideo stream I captured plays back quite nicely with mplayer.

Anyway, here’s the mplayer invocation that filled up my drive (ignore any line-wrap – the command fills a single line): mplayer rtsp:// -dumpstream -dumpfile ken-miller.ram

I watched the whole thing live last night. Professor Ken Miller is outstanding, not just in his presentation, but in the question and answer segment. He never faulted. This can only come from one that truly knows what is he talking about and has nothing to hide. I know if it could be proven tomorrow, that God did in fact have a hand in all abrupt creation of life and that IC is in fact true, Dr. Miller will be the first to admit he was wrong. I wish I could say the same for Dr. Behe and Dr. Dempski.

I am truly sadden that Dr. Dempski could not make it. It would have been a wonderful debate, albeit one sided. Pure and simple ID brings nothing new to the debate, but evolution on the other hand changes every day (not meant as a joke). I mean every single day a new discovery comes out, today for instance on a goggle[…]y?id=1469078 or even[…]/ixconn.html

Sure these are not huge discoveries, they are just little steps in the understanding of our natural world. Again, neither Behe nor Dempski will ever admit they are wrong. But I have a very good feeling Dr. Miller is the kind of person that would admit if he was worng. I personaly do not think he would ever be in the position to have to admit he was worng:).

Just my 2 cents Jit Gill Newport News VA

Oh I’m sure most of you saw the Pandas Thumb plug in the slide show. I thought it was great.

This can only come from one that truly knows what is he talking about and has nothing to hide

and has a good memory to boot!

Dr. Miller has been doing science long enough to have grasped the concept of “following the evidence”. I have met laypeople, creation proponents, and scientists alike who fail to ever really grasp this simple concept.

I have found myself in the middle of turf wars on more than one occassion, and it’s quite depressing to say the least. Paleontologists in general can be quite cantankerous in this area, but the ones I knew had nothing on shark biologists ;)

In some cases, defense of one’s turf can result in saying some seriously stupid things, in others, one says things in order to better compete for very limited funding. In still others, well, we have folks like Dembski who simply is mentally unable to follow evidence because it would collapse his very limited worldview.

Ken is in the very enviable position of being:

tenured well-published and a successful (monetarily) author

all of which results in him being the perfect spokesperson on this issue, just from that perspective alone.

His position is rock solid, and no amount of “burn in hell” letter writing campaigns will shake that.

since Ken’s talk originally was intended as a debate between he and dembski, many have pointed out dembksi’s blog demise (mothballed, as he put it).

now, lo and behold, like lazarus it’s been resurrected.…

“The Resurrection of Uncommon Descent” posted by dembski on UD details the fact that UD will now be run by…

Dave Scott


damn, funniest thing i’ve seen in a couple of weeks. one of those “funny cause it’s true” type things.

Ok i have the original wmv file encoded.

it’s already fairly compressed, even tho it’s 320mb (it’s over 2 hours long!).

the following can be done with this file:

it can be saved as is on anyobdy’s machine, and will play in any video player that can handle wmv files (e.g., windows media player).

it can be converted to any format from standard avi to mpg1 to divx.

note that unless folks are willing to accept a lesser quality than what they saw the video at originally, it won’t be any smaller in these formats, and could even be larger.

i can convert it to a higher compression format, and drop 5 frames per second from it. this makes it still readily viewable, but a bit “noisier” (mainly because i would be re-compressing an already compressed file), but would drop the filesize considerably (at least less than half the original, if not better - should be around 100 mb instead of 320).

so… what do folks want?

my personal recommendation would be to leave the file as is. it readily fits onto a cd for portability, and can be played in any version of media player.

alternatively, without sacrificing any quality, i can convert to DVD format, and those that want to can burn it to DVD.

to get a vhs tape out of it, you can purchase a cheapo mpg1 encoder board to record the video from your computer onto a vhs recorder (i think you can buy a package to do that for under 50.00 at places like circuit city or best buy). If you want to go this way, it might be better to have the video already in mpg1 format (it really depends on what the software that comes with the encoder board can do.

so, what’s it to be?

play it from a standard video file (leave as is)? make it a divx file for burning to DVD? make it mpg?

should we cut the quality to reduce the filesize, or leave the quality as is?

just let me know, and i can do it.

then, just tell me where to stick it so folks can access the converted files.


My personal preference is for avi, but frankly anything but the original evil formats would be good. I don’t know Caerbannog managed it - I can’t get it to play in Mplayer for more than a few minutes before it stalls, and realplay throws in the towel exactly 13 minutes in :(

Can’t wait til the BBC finishes their work on Dirac so that I don’t have these problems any more.

avi or mpg is fine.

You could stick it on, just put yourself as the recipient then post the link the mail you here so we can find it.

Sir Toejam, thanks for your hard work. WMV is fine with me. I appreciate it.

The files can be downloaded using one or more of the following programs.

1. NetTransport 2. Streambox 3. Streamdown 4. SDP

Dave Scot is running Uncommon Descent (into madness)? When the Alfred E. Newman of Information Science turns over the reins to the clown troupe, it’s more than a collapse.

Perhaps Miller should have titled his presentation “The Implosion of Intelligent Design.”

Why did the presentation start with a prayer? Isn’t CWRU a secular university?

Bill, that’s interesting. DaveScot is the Head Dimbulb In Charge, apparently. I wonder if the criticism banning will be more intolerant, or less? I’m sure our fellow Pandas are going to be running experiments to see.

I finaly got to watch it late last night. Ken Miller was very good. Shame it could not have been a debate.

I was a little surprised and disappointed that there weren’t any IDiots in the audience – or at least none that chose to show their colors. I haven’t the stomach to graze any of the creationist web sites; has there been any snarking that the audience was stacked, questions censored, that sort of rubbish?

In addition to the other kudos here, I want to compliment Dr. Miller on a couple other excellent things: he deftly turned asided the one question/comment about fascism; and managed to acknowledge that science is a problem for certain religions, or certain interpretations, without denigrating religious beliefs or undermining science. Both of those were minefield questions but he handled them with grace and aplomb.

My $0.02

I haven’t scrolled the whole thread, but let’s also recall that this was originally set to be a debate (recall all the handwringing here over the “rules,” etc.?).

Except that–in the aftermath of Dover–all the witless wonderboys of ID totally choked and chickened out.

It’s pretty clear in retrospect that Miller would have cleaned their clocks, just as it must have been clear to the IDiots in advance. They know they can only “prevail” when they hold a stacked deck, can put their more PR-savvy types up against less-sophisticated, less-experienced public speakers, or can otherwise rig the game.

In that regard, I thought the idea of selecting a mild-mannered but steely-eyed pastor for a moderator was pretty dang brilliant–it would have been hugely entertaining to see the avowedly-“Christian” ID mouthpieces try to talk over or around this moderator…!

STJ, and Bill L: thank you very much for your time and effort. DS

no problem; always glad to be able to contribute something more than words :)

a word of warning tho:

the server I set up (not bill’s) will be shut down very soon, so whoever is still trying to grab files there, better hurry up!


Thanks for the file compression efforts! I’m eager to watch it later tonight.

I’m shuttin down my server at 2pm. please finish your downloads or move to bill’s site.


Here’s a torrent. I should be able to keep it up for at least a week without problems, but other seeders would be welcome if I end up having connection trouble.[…]rent_id=4599

Shoot that’s what I get for posting the link too early.

This link is the REAL link to the torrent. It’s the highest quality video compressed by STJ above.[…].php?id=4599

Thanks for the download!

And every scientific organization should be submitting a news release talking about the Miller’s talk at Case and providing a link to the video stream. We talk about how bad we are with educating the public and showing them what science really is about, we should be telling the media and public about this video. Even the other side, the average American who does not believe he “came from apes” would probably be inclined to see what our side has to say.

This video is a great introduction to science and using critical thinking for ordinary Americans. We should be flaunting it. This is good stuff.


Wow! What a great talk! I have only one thing to add to it: one of the reasons, IMO, that the IDists/creationists have seemingly gained more of a foothold in the last decade is the internet. Simply put, anyone with a room temperature IQ (in Farenheit, in a southern climate) can create and maintain a website on nearly any topic desired. Most people don’t have the wherewithal or desire to separate the real info from the BS, and simply agree with and propound whichever ideas fit their worldview. Why did Al Gore have to invent the internet?! :p

I’ll help seed the torrent for a few days.


This really does deserve a wider audience - I’ve posted links to it on UK sites and will help seed the torrent until no-one is interested anymore.

I’m interested but haven’t been able to get to a high-speed site yet to download (no high-speed at my home!). Don’t want to do this at work, ‘cause it’s likely to trigger some investigation…

Hmm, our new library is open. I’ll have to swing by sometime this week.

Syntax Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 3, column 323, byte 382 at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/mach/5.18/XML/ line 187.

I have a Mac and tried using Windows Media Player to view this, and it didn’t work too well.

There is a plugin for quicktime that allows you to play wmv files from within the quicktime player, and this seems to work a lot better (it allows me to jump into the middle of the presentation so I don’t have to watch it all in one go).

It’s available from…

nice tip, Dale.

hmm. I think i recall reading that MS dropped support for IE and media player on the Mac.

or was that just IE?

you can also find free converters that will let you change the file format from wmv to mpg or avi or Divx, etc.

I left the originals in wmv format because otherwise i would have had to do a recompression, which would have resulted in same size or even larger files in most cases, and degrade the quality noticeably.

Is anyone still seeding this?

It was downloading (very slowly) this afternoon. However, now I’m getting nothing. Of course slow download doesn’t bother me at home. I only have dial-up access :( .

I -think- i’m hosting a torrent for it now (i’ve not used bittorrent before). I have cable with a slow upload speed, but it’s faster than a normal modem line.

You should be able to find it soon (if my understanding of how it works is ok). If not let me know, and I’ll put it on my website for you.

Hey, was a bit late finding out about this, have ordered ADSL so that I can download it. Should arrive on Tues, can you keep hosting it until then? Cheers, and thanks!

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