You call that a crocodile?


Here's a cool beast from the late Jurassic/early Cretaceous that tells us a little more about the past diversity of crocodilians. It's called Dakosaurus andiniensis, and all we have of it is a skull and a few fragmentary post-cranial bits. It's a strange, strange skull, though.

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”…I call this a crocodile!”

“Dude, that’s an alligator”

“Ah, I… uh… see you’ve played croccy-gator before, mate”

We got gekos with teeth bigger than that here in Texas. My cat, Stumpy, tangled with a geko once. Learned his lesson, he did.

Where’s Steve Irwin when ya need ‘em? :)

How cool! And even cooler that the outbursts from the ID crowd are dying down so PT can get back to discussing important evolutionary info!

As Stevo said: “If they’re bitin’ ya, ya know ya got ‘em.”

Hmmmmmm … probably kind of like being a biologist in Kansas .…

I really liked the article. And, of course, like all serious non-political articles, the lack of comments belie the appreciation of the audience.

Oh, I doubt Kansas has a whole lot of crocodiles wandering around.


These are the sorts of articles which attracted me to Pandasthumb some time ago. All the whining, complaining, and well trashing of the IDists and Creationists has lost its charm and become rather annoying for pandasthumb viewers like myself who wish this debate where a dialogue between science and religion rather than a battle between two “religious” Weltanschauung: scientism vs scientific religion.

Please keep posting these links to your more “scientific” articles. They are much appreciated and enjoyed.


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