Darwin Day in New Mexico - Sun. 12th at 2 PM


PT readers - if you are in New Mexico this Sunday, come on over to the Darwin Day meeting. It’s free! Details follow.

Cheers, Dave Thomas

New Mexicans for Science & Reason (NMSR), along with the Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math (CESE) and the New Mexico Academy of Science (NMAS), will hear Pedro Irigonegaray, Kansas attorney, on “Darwin Day 2006.”

The meeting is free, open to the public, and will be held at 2:00 PM on SUNDAY, February 12th, at the Anthropology Lecture Hall, Room 163, on the UNM Campus in Albuquerque (from I-25, east on M.L. King Jr. thru University, immediate left, north a couple blocks to the Anthro Hall on the right).

WHEN the Kansas Board of Education wanted to put evolution in the role of the defendant in last summer’s show trial, the scientific community didn’t cooperate. Scientists refused to “testify” en masse - for example, Richard Dawkins told the Board “For real scientists to share a platform with the biological equivalent of flat-earthers would be to give them the credibility, respectability, and above all publicity that they crave. I am sorry, but count me out.” With no scientists to grill, the Board asked Kansas attorney Pedro Luís Irigonegaray to represent the science side, and he agreed. He called no witnesses - his clients were the original (pre-creationist tampering) standards themselves. Irigonegaray did cross-examine the “Intelligent Design” witnesses, nailing one after another on the age of the earth and common ancestry. He refused to take the stand himself (attorneys just don’t do that when they’re trying a case), and ID lawyer John Calvert spurned Pedro’s handshake at the conclusion of the so-called trial. Small wonder, considering Pedro Irigonegaray had single-handedly exposed the Kansas Kangaroo Court as the sham it was.

NMSR, CESE and NMAS are pleased to host Pedro Luís Irigonegaray as our 2006 Darwin Day speaker. This will be a riveting presentation!


I’m sad to say that I will not be attending the “Darwin Day” activities in New Mexico. I think in the near future that New Mexico may feature prominently in the on-going I.D, evolution debate. There is a growing theory within scientific circles that the Intelligent Designer is NOT God, but space aliens,who crashed in Roswell.It is believe by some, that their mission involved “fine tuning” humane DNA in order to elevate our species to the next level, unfortunately it failed. There is a lot of solid evidence for this hypothesis,(movies of the dead aliens,40 year old eye-witness accounts). This speculation has caused uproar in the ID Tent. On the negative side ,Dr Hugh Ross has been quoted as reminding the public just what UFOs really are (Satan’s Legions),and to avoid this line of thinking.On the positive side Michael Behe assures us that the aliens were obviously irreducibly complex, and there for must require a designer.The debate goes on.

This year, in the most enlightened town in America, Darwin Day is FIVE DAYS LONG, covering the 9-13 February, 2006. Events are being held at Cornell University, the Museum of the Earth and Ithaca College. This afternoon I attended a panel discussion on “Evolutionary Biology: Present and Future”, where I attempted to recruit a couple more Steves for Project Steve. In just a few minutes I’ll be leaving for a screening of Inherit the Wind.

Nice going in New Mexico.

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