Science, Just Science


Some of our readers, concerned about science education in the UK, have started a forum on the issue:

Science, Just Science.

Check it out.


Hah, I wondered why we’d just had about 20 guests turn up. Greetings to you all :)

He! He!

…fame at last!

we’ve based our chapter of the Panda’s Thumb more on Harry Potter than on the usual ‘bar theme’ - but there’s a great party going on in ‘Groundskeeper Willy’s’ shed! All visisting scholars welcome -as long as you promise not to bring your own beer.

Thanks for the plug - we’ll raise a glass to you all (readers of the ‘almost 1000’ thread will know why) on Monday.

Get Lenny’s Pizza guy a row boat - we may need something to soak up the Beer.

Merry Darwin’s day to one and all!

P.S I was interested in that thing about becoming a Science teacher in New York. Any tips on getting a ‘Green card’? - (and yes i’ve seen the film with Gerard Depardieau)


Can I borrow the rowboat for a few days?

This is getting to the point (or maybe that’s pint?) of an offer that’s gonna be hard to refuse…!

Can I borrow the rowboat for a few days?

Excuuusssseeeee me?

That is a kayak, young man. It’s not a rowboat.

C’mon, Lenny, rowboat, kayak, canoe, pointy-at-both-ends-floaty-thingy, HMS Royal Pasta Princess, if you like, just please don’t bust me on the bling-blang nautical terminology–there’s pints at stake here!

(I can see the headlines now: “Irrascable Herpetologist Derides Pizza Boy’s Admiralty Illiteracy”!)

Ha ha! Pinheaded-boy thinks it’s funny to pose as “Pizza Guy.”

When Pinheaded-boy finds out about Posting Policy 6, and gets thrown in same Maroon-Bin as Loony Larry, Pinheaded-Boy will be laughing out other side of orifice!

(Hey, Lenny, as you well know, I do know the difference between a rowboat and a kayak, whatever Steviedumbhead may think. I just got so carried away with my “invitation” from Dean that I used his terminology, instead of mentally reviewing the actual assemblage of marine transportation devices you have in stock. So sorry! Now, can I have the baidarka, or do I have to settle for the keys to the umiak?)

(aka “Steviedumbhead”)

Dear, um, Mr. Guy: I’m sorry! I was just making one of my usual attempts at humor, not trying to crowd your act or otherwise incite you. There have been other indications around here lately that not everyone shares my “Sins’O’Humor,” so I’ll now put you in the same category.

Which is not to say that I’ll stop trying to be funny, just that I’ll try harder to, er, actually be funny.

And, ouch, yes, it does hurt my sensitive pinheaded nerves to be compared to inexhaustible Larry. But please note that, while the body of my post may have *pretended* to pizza-guy-ness, the post in question went up under my own name. Thus, no matter how nonhumorous or offensive it may have been–sometimes I achieve both simultaneously!–no actual fraud upon your princely pizza-ness was technically perpetrated!

I hope that clears that up because, sincerely, I would never wish to come between Lenny, Dean, or any of our pizza-loving commentators and their beloved Pizza Guy.



Lenny’s Pizza Guy will be away from his wifi hotspot for the several days (and nights!) leading up to Darwin Day. Pizza Guy has accepted the kind invitation of several UK stalwarts of Panda’s Thumb (not to mention the kind loan of Lenny’s second-best kayak) to deliver pizza product to their Darwin Day DrinkFest Confab Important Semi-Scientific Conference. As Lenny’s second-best kayak does not support internet connectivity (heck, even the GPS is pretty out-of-date, but beggars can’t be choosers), Pizza Guy will be unavailable to respond to email for the duration of his paddle across The Puddle. Any resulting inconvenience is sincerely regretted.

note to self -

give up on explaining irony to anyone whose ancestors have possibly travelled by water-borne transport.

buy beer and hearty slap on back instead!!!!

not to mention the kind loan of Lenny’s second-best kayak

Careful – my second-best kayak has, uh, a slight leak.


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