Aaaannnnddd…it’s live!


Tangled Bank #48 is up at Aetiology. Check out the latest edition of the best science writing in the blogosphere.


Whew! It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Nevada in peril

By BRENDAN RILEY, Associated Press Writer Wed Mar 1, 9:51 AM ET

CARSON CITY, Nev. - A proposed constitutional amendment would require Nevada teachers to instruct students that there are many questions about evolution — a method viewed by critics as an opening to teach intelligent design.

Las Vegas masonry contractor Steve Brown filed his initiative petition with the secretary of state’s office, and must collect 83,184 signatures by June 20 to get the plan on the November ballot. To amend the Nevada Constitution, he’d have to win voter approval this year and again in the 2008 elections. …

The ballot initiative for a state constitutional amendment is a novel strategy, but the content is the same “Teach the cotroversy” carp.

Re “but the content is the same “Teach the cotroversy” carp.”

Yeah, there is something fishy about that, huh.

OT: Heads up

Darwin Exhibit on PBS News Hour tonight.

tara, i think you built a time machine and stole MY high school ipod

Heh. I figured many of the so-called “Gen Xers” could relate.

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