Those IDists can’t get no respect…


Over at Immunoblogging, Joseph has a multi-post series on the evolution of the immune system that I’ve been meaning to highlight, since obviously the claim that there’s no research done in this area plays a large part in IDists’ claims. So, some background reading on a few of the issues:

Part One Part Two Part Three and a bonus (if a bit older) post on Toll-like receptors here, along with a newer overview here.

Additionally, at the new Good Math, Bad Math, MarkCC discusses Dembski’s (mis)use of the NFL theorem and creationist use of probability. Check ‘em out.


[david spade] Uh, yeah, Tara, I liked this post the first time, when it was at Respectful Insolence [/spade]

[david spade] Uh, yeah, Steve, I liked that post the zeroth time, when it was at Dispatches [/spade]

:) I know, I know, but not everyone here reads Orac [or Dispatches–ed. TS] (to their detriment, of course.)

Over at Immunoblogging, Joseph has a multi-post series on the evolution of the immune system…

I checked all those links and didn’t find anything about RAG1 or RAG2.

I was discussing the origin of the Major Histocompatibility Complex or MHC. Being able to differentiate what is your own ‘self’ cells is somewhat more important as a start to the immune system. I do intend to write more about RAG and GOD systems (yes, that’s Recombinase Activation Genes and Generation Of Diversity ;)) in the future.

I’m a little busy with badgers at the moment.

Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!

Although, now I think of it Complex Medium covered a paper that was in PNAS on RAG1 and RAG2 here if you would like to read something about it.

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