Galapagos tortoise webcam!


Over at the American Museum of Natural History is an online exhibit on Darwin, that features a Galapagos tortoise webcam! It’s rather soothing, the tortoises aren’t very speedy. (Hat tip to Margaret)


Hmm, I think s/he’s asleep. No movement yet, but a nice view of the floor outside the tortoise enclosure – I stood right on that spot in February.

I had a chance to visit the Darwin Exhibit at the AMNH two weeks ago. It’s worth going to NYC for.

I see a rock…

It would have been more fun to have the camera mounted on one of the tortoise’s shells.

Not a lot of action, BUT I see that the tortoises came all the way from Milwaukee!

I guess theylive on brats and beer, and since they live so long, maybe I’ll just have another another couple of each!

Well, s/he now appears to still be looking out at the hallway, but now there is a museum guide standing there.

Based on extensive examination of the GalapagosTortoise!Cam, we at the NCSE office have concluded that the camera is not mounted on the tortoise’s head (like it *should* be), but is instead about 7 feet high on the side of the cage. That or the tortoise climbed up high on something and fell asleep.

Nick - You can hypothesize all you like, but I STILL like the Tortoise Cam story with the camera on the tortoise.

Maybe they “been messing with the Wrong Family of Tortoise”… This branch has evolved into an “Attack Tortoise”! That’s why it is hiding in the rocks 7 feet above the floor…waiting for the keeper to come in…

It’s faster than a snail, and madder than hell.

Be afraid!

I knew it. It really is turtles, all the way down.

Re “I knew it. It really is turtles, all the way down.”

I thought about saying that, but didn’t get a round tuit.


nice rock.

That or the tortoise climbed up high on something and fell asleep.

Obviously just perching, much like the Norwegian Blue Parrot–a common practice among Galapagos Tortoises. Just one more thing Darwin got wrong in his rush to convert the world to atheism.

Hmm, I think s/he’s asleep. No movement yet…

Are you referring to the tortoises or to the Intelligent Design researchers in their laboratory?

Seriously, the Darwin exhibit is wonderful, and I see they have recently extended it yet again to mid-August. This is the 2nd extension! I’ve been twice, and both times it was very crowded. Tickets are required, and admission is timed. It’s to see so many people interested in Darwin and evolution.

btw, on June 24 there will be yet another special exhibit on snakes (not the 2-legged ID kind) and lizards, with many live specimens displayed in natural habitats.

In the spirit of “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”,

Whoo Hoo! I tuned in just a moment ago, and finally saw something other than the rock! There was actually a tortoise in the picture.… for exactly one frame. Then the keeper with the Braided Ponytail and Blue Underwear (hereafter “BP/BU” for short?) came in to feed them and clean their enclosure and chased the lil fella away. I think I’ll nickname her “Boo” both for the color of her unmentionables and her timing. I’m sure she’d be mortified, but hopefully she has a sense of humor.


Re “Then the keeper with the Braided Ponytail and Blue Underwear […]”

Wait, does that mean somebody forgot to tell the attendant that there was a camera running in the place? LOL


Well, she did have slacks on, but whilst cleaning the enclosure her back was to the camera, and the poor girl’s shirt rode up her back kinda thing… Think “plumber” but without the crack. Nothing racy or disgusting or sexy, just unfortunate timing I think.

Just got to see TWO tortoises, though. Very cool.

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