Tangled Bank Episode LII

The Tangled Bank

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is coming straight to you from Coruscant…and the opening text is almost as long as the latest from Lucas, although fortunately it doesn't say anything about the trade federation and boring treaties.


Um, there’s no link to the actual Tangled Bank there.

Linkie to the actual blog hosting it? All the links I find lead to the generic TB site, which doesn’t have a link either.

The ID Creationists need to have a carnival where they can put up all their anti-evolution nonsense. Since they are fringe nuts who behave dishonestly, I suggest the name The Wangled Crank.

I wonder if any of the creationists have tried to submit their work to the Tangled Bank? I mean if it’s sciiiience…

They’ve tried. Our rotating crew of moderators and organizers have some class, though, and they get turned away at the door.

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