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Kansas Citizens for Science is proud to announce our new website feature, KCFS News and Resources. KCFS News is using the open-source software WordPress (similar to Multiple Type, which is used here at the Panda’s Thumb), so it is much easier for us to add and organize content. Our old website, is still up as a static main page, but all new content (and much of the old content) will now be at KCFS News.

Some of the content already on KCFS News is:

  • Information about KCFS
  • Archive of the KCFS Update newsletters
  • Various resources, such as recommended books, science links, blogs, etc.
  • Resources from the Evolution 101 course I taught recently - report to follow soon
  • Downloadable fliers, such as our new flier Facts about the Science Standards

We invite you all to visit our new site, and, better yet, offer some comments about what you like, what could be better, what should be added, and so on. Also, for those of you involved in Citizen for Science groups, I can highly recommend setting up a website using software such as WordPress because it is so much more user-friendly for an all-volunteer group such as we are. All input is added simply through a web browser as opposed to dedicated website development software, and multiple users can be given different levels of access: for instance, one person can be assigned the job of adding links to interesting news stories on a daily basis, someone else to managing the list of recommended books, etc. Share the wealth and spread the work - make the most of your volunteer members.

So come and see us at KCFS News and Resources!

[P.S., and off the subject: I am also setting up individual weblogs for teachers and students at the high school I work at. If you are interested if discussing the use of blogs in an educational setting, drop me a line at jkrebs @@]


Jack, The new site is displaying very oddly in my browser (IE). Looks a bit like a double exposure on the left with nothing filling the center or right text areas.

Yikes - it’s never looked like that!

I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on - fine time to screw up???

Jack, I was there not 15 minutes ago and it displayed fine in Safari. Now, though …

Fixed, thank goodness. I lost all the theme configuration data, but I put it all bacck in. That’s scary, and I’d better think about getting everything backed up - a cautionary experience.

PT runs on “Movable Type”. Both MT and WordPress are software for running weblogs, but that’s about it for similarities. MT is coded in Perl and “builds” static pages that a web server delivers. WordPress is coded in PHP and dynamically assembles each page to satisfy each request from the web server. MT is a commercial product. WordPress is open source software released under the GPL. There are various advantages and disadvantages to go with all that. I use WordPress for my personal weblog and recommend it for other people looking for personal weblog software.

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