Some of you may know Dr. Douglas L. Theobald as the author of the 29+ Evidences for Macroevolution FAQ at the Talk.Origins Archive or of this recent paper in the Journal of Molecular Biology.

Well, earlier this month, he accepted a faculty position in biochemistry at Brandeis Univesity in Boston. He will start summer 2007.


hey, that’s great! congrats!

full faculty? tenure track?

Congratulations to the good doctor :)

There does need to be a good emphasis on “why macroevolution”. His paper referenced on T.O. is great for the scientifically-minded. We may need to port his very good paper into vernacular for a better public effect, though. Educating people as they read is a fine ideal, but “solipsism” and the like will scare them off sure as shootin’ :)

“Why macroevolution” is a great counter to all the “I accept microevolution, changes within kinds, but not macroevolution” Genesis apologistry. It’s not self-evident to people why “micro” and “macro” are the same darned thing on different scales.

Hope he enjoys Brandeis!

Ritchie Annand: “It’s not self-evident to people why ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ are the same darned thing on different scales.”

Good point. For myself, I’ve preferred the phrasing that “macro-evolution” is just “micro-evolution” that happened a long time ago.

That’s great - the Macroevolution FAQ is a treasure.

Thanks all! Yes, tenure track, assistant prof in the Life Sciences, specifically Biochemistry:

I’ll be involved in the Biochemistry and the Biophysics and Structural Biology programs, and also the new Quantitative Biology speciality:[…]biochem.html[…]_biophy.html[…]ject_id=5950[…]5_grant.html

Check it out!

That’s awesome news! Congratulations!

Dr Theobold’s macroevolution FAQ is a thing of beauty.

Structural Biology programs


Is that like Biomechanics?

Nah - here it refers to the atomic resolution structures and conformations of biological macromolecules, like proteins, DNAs, RNAs, and their complexes.

ah, thanks.

again, good luck to you.

sounds like a whole LOT of work.

…and a whole lot of fun too :)


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