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This is so funny, it’s wrong.

Strangely enough, it’s also so wrong, it’s funny!

Here is a quotation from John Davison’s blog:

I welcome any comments about my published papers including my unpublished… “

It looks like John Davison has discovered a novel logical category - such unpublished items that are among the published ones. Give him a due credit. He is, after all, from the world of davescots, cordovas, and sermontis.

He is, after all, from the world of davescots, cordovas, and sermontis

actually, you’re a bit off there. JAD predates these clowns by a generation.

another difference is that at one time, he was a respected biologist who published several worthwhile articles that contributed to he literature.

He simply had a mental break in the early 80’s that lead to his demise as a scientist, then a teacher, then a faculty member.

He never has recovered from that mental damage, probably because nobody really pushed hard for him to seek treatment, as the kind of mental disorder he exhibits isn’t immediately dangerous to himself or others; er, aside from the mind numbing caused by reading his current drivel, that is.

a minor point, perhaps, but there it is.

The ID blogs are so funny I spend more time on Official Uncommonly Dense Discussion Thread than I do anywhere else.

There follows a comment thread. It’s up to 847 comments now; it consists Davison wondering where all the commenters are, lots of bickering, Davison threatening to ban DaveScot, DaveScot threatening to ban Davison from his blog,

I just laughed for like two straight minutes.

If you haven’t been following ID blogs and AtBC, another thing you missed was AFDave explaining that the Discovery Institute spends all that money on PR in order to raise money for eventual ID research.

There is nothing funnier on the internets, than these folk.

steve s Wrote:

If you haven’t been following ID blogs and AtBC, another thing you missed was AFDave explaining that the Discovery Institute spends all that money on PR in order to raise money for eventual ID research.

Just another misrepresentation from those Darwinists that the good folk at the DI have to clear up.

I confess that I didn’t realize that the rich guys eager to cash in on ID research who support the DI were in for such long-term prospects. I suppose it has to do with their giving nature, since it seems like Ahmanson and others could in fact just dive right in and trump the discoveries of the “materialists”. But no, they’re so charitable that they’ll try to bolster the basic research through PR in order to establish the science firmly, only later, if ever, cashing out on the rewards that ID research will bring.

See, they really do think outside the box. We’d insist on good solid evidence first, then we’d develop our understanding on this firm foundation, applying evolutionary knowledge to research as quickly as we had it. Once established we’d indoctrinate schoolchildren to our materialistic way of thinking. They’re so open-minded and so free-thinking that they don’t care about establishing their ideas through evidence, only selflessly wishing to open other minds to the possibilities afforded by ID. Ahmanson isn’t in it for the money at all (at least not now), unlike our greedy selves, and is trying to open up research possibilities for others.

I wonder if they’ll support my research into Egyptian non-material design, you know, after the PR campaign establishes the science of ID. Since life looks like it was reproduced, surely we ought to research the possibilities that god-children can be produced from a Ra’s masturbated ejaculate. Surely life looks more reproduced than designed (especially since there is no clear physical definition of “design”), and it may be that all of life came from masturbation (the research isn’t appealing, but clearly it must be done). Just because it doesn’t work today (not the way Ra did it, anyhow), doesn’t mean that it didn’t work in the past. IDists are the ultimate open-minded sorts, and surely they’re going to support more research than just their version of “design”.

I can see now that ID and Egyptian reproduction myths must be taught in schools, for balance, and for future research prospects. Who would know that DaveScot was really so wise?

Glen D http://tinyurl.com/b8ykm

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BWE linked:

you have seen Larry Farfignugen’s blog?


some good back and forth between dave scot and JAD. On this thread

And in general, just plain funny.

Kinda pathetic, really.

There’s a very un-PC comment that compares arguing on the internet with competing in the Special Olympics. It seems most appropriate in this case.

Wow. There really is no honor among thieves.

Wow. There really is no honor among thieves.

Well, just relax in the knowledge of what a terrible impression that nonsense makes among the undecided.

Re: Larry’s blog

These are Larry’s thoughts, posted under “To the commenters who have been messing up this blog.”

…and many of these comments have been repetitive. Also, some commenters have been impersonating other commenters.

Oh my! Poor Larry has been inundated with repetitive posts! And with people impersonating other posters! What, oh what, did he ever do to deserve that?!?!


LOL. Larry has had a teachable moment though. He misbehaves, gets kicked off some forums, announces he’ll start his own blog and not kick people off like those nazis at PT, and a bunch of crazies show up and start ruining his comment sections and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Larry has had a teachable moment though.

with any normal human being, this would be correct.

with Larry, using his name and “teachable” in the same sentence is an oxymoran.

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