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There has been some recent news in SC concerning the attempts at inserting creationist language into the science curriculum. I have hesitated to report them here previously, because taken separately they are mostly minor incidents, but taken together, they tell a story. I have three posts up on my blog, in chronological order, consisting of good news and bad news (mostly good, I think):

A Small Victory, But We’ll Take It

More on the Death of S114

Update on the Budget Proviso and the EOC

Also, check out the South Carolinians for Science Education page, as they’ve got a blog with news updates and other good tidbits.


Thanks for that. I was particularly interested in the budget bill machinations. Something for other states to keep an eye on, methinks.


Reading your three postings I envisioned a sequence of scenes out a three stooges movie, with Fair and Walker two of them. Or maybe it was a Abbott and Costello movie. In any event, reading the blow by blow description of the committee meeting had me laughing. Now, lets hope that the budget language goes nowhere, which, given its opaque language, has got to be where it goes.

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