Are Creationists Anti-Science?

In this recently posted interview, historian of science Ron Numbers said the following:

QUESTION: So, in a certain sense, doesn't this represent some sort of divide between religion and science?

MR. NUMBERS: To me, the struggle in the late 20th Century between creationists and evolutionists does not represent another battle between science and religion because rarely do creationists display hostility towards science. If you read their literature, you'll rarely come across an anti-scientific notion. They love science. They love what science can do. They hate the fact that science has been hijacked by agnostics and atheists to offer such speculative theories as organic evolution. So, they don't see themselves as being antagonistic to science any more than many of the advocates of evolution - those who see evolution as God's method of creation - view themselves as hostile to Christianity.

In this post over at EvolutionBlog, I explain why Numbers is wrong. Creationists are, indeed, anti-science, their perceptions of themselves notwithstanding. Comments can be left there. Enjoy!

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