Nick in New Mexico


We in New Mexico are honored to have PT’s own Nick Matzke as our guest this weekend.

Nick was in-studio on the NMSR Science Watch radio show today, and gave a gripping rundown of the Dover ID Trial from the inside… matzke.jpg KABQ 1350 AM Board Op Lindsey sets levels for Nick on the Science Watch radio show (Sat 10th)

AND, Nick is giving a FREE SPEECH tomorrow (Sunday, June 11th) at UNM’s Anthropology lecture hall.


It’s sponsored by CESE.

Nick is not the first guest from PT to appear on NMSR’s Science Watch, not counting regular co-host Dave Thomas.

No sir - Nick’s been preceded by none other than Professor Steve Steve himself!


Wow, I think I’m in love.

No, Nick — not with you. Sorry.


So when are we gonna hear some anti-ID heavyweights on NPR’s “Fresh Air” or something . … ?

do they have a podcast?

Nice boards!

Nick, you never told me you were such a hottie! You’re the one in black, right?

So when are we gonna hear some anti-ID heavyweights on NPR’s “Fresh Air” or something .… ?

There’s an excellent IDea! I think I’ll lobby Terry Gross. I suppose they’ll feel compelled to do the “fair and balanced” thing, and offer the DI equal time. But, hey! Given an intelligent audience, that’s all to the good.

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