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Update: just see the newer post for the revised schedule. (Update: I have added the info on the keynote speakers for June 26, and we are going to try and get the event recorded.) Alrighty, who is coming to the 2006 meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB), and the American Society of Naturalists (ASN), aka SSE 2006, aka Evolution 2006 at SUNY Stony Brook?

Well, it looks like I am going (Note: I may need to bring a sleeping bag and crash on someone’s floor, housing looks fully booked – see my note and contact info) – because someone or other recently realized I ought to be there for this:

Monday, 26 June – Sessions. Symposium title: Intelligent Design on Trial: Lessons from the Kitzmiller v. Dover creationism case. Organizers: Robert T. Pennock, Michigan State University and Brian Alters, McGill University List of Speakers

* Robert T. Pennock , Michigan State University, “The Ground Rules of Science” * Barbara Forrest, Southeastern Louisiana University, “On Being a ‘Hybrid Expert’: Detailing the Intelligent Design ‘Wedge Strategy’ in Federal Court” * John F. Haught, Georgetown University, ŸEvolution and Faith: “What is at Stake?” * Brian Alters, McGill University, “But is it Good Pedagogy?” * Brian Rehm, Kitzmiller Plaintiff & Current Dover School Board member, “From parent and teacher to plaintiff and director” * Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University, “Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps - The 21st Century Case for Evolution” * Lauri Lebo, Lauri Lebo, Lead Local Reporter in Dover, “Beyond ‘He said, she said:’ How to be fair when the debate isn’t balanced.”

Format: Morning Session: 60 minute slots (45 minute talks / 15 min Q&A). Afternoon Session: (30 min, 60 min, 30 min talks, then 30 min joint Q&A). This will be a full day event.

Monday, June 26, 7:00-8:30 pm – SSE Education Committee Public Outreach Lecture

Speakers: Eric Rothschild & Steve Harvey, Pepper Hamilton LLP. Title: “In Defense of the First Amendment: An Up-Close Look at the Landmark ‘Intelligent Design’ Case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District”

In other words, we’re getting the band back together!


Wow, that’s quite a cast. Mike Argento and Eric Rothschild are missing. They should invite Steve Fuller to reprise his clown role as well.

now that’s a band i would be proud to be a groupie for.

have fun!

Let me guess: Dembski was invited, but his handlers at DI said he couldn’t come.

Sorry, I can’t resist:

In other words, we’re getting the band back together!

Are you on a mission from God?

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We gotta full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

“Hit it!”

Will transcripts be available afterward?

Apparently, they are number one in Japan.

Scheesch! How could they have not asked you to present? How about “Wiki software and trial preparation” Or, “Loyal Lieutenant of the EAC?”

I am sure you could come up with better titles.

Sure, but will the songs be as good as the classic albums? And are any of your spouses going to try to sing backup?

I’ve been hurt before…

“(Note: I may need to bring a sleeping bag and crash on someone’s floor,”

When I went back there for my thesis defense I slept in a crawl space in that utterly strange looking hospital complex, accessible through a hobbit door in one of the stairwells. It helped to have spent a lifetime there already. God, how I hate that place.

Alternatively, some enterprising student had once camped out in the woods between the biology building and the ecology campus. Hope this helps.

I’ve been quietly watching you folks for a few months now here on the PT. Every night I hit the link on my desktop to find out what happened today.

In the beginning, A Google search lead me to the “Evidence for Evolution” on the Talk.Origins archive. What a read that was! Learning the difference between Macroevolution and Microevolution wasn’t very difficult. The whole Archive is absolutely fascinating to say the very least. I now have a better understanding of evolution as it stands today. (And a new vocabulary taboot!)

I grew up in the 60’s and have always been under the impression that the Theory of Evolution offered the only explanation of observed natural phenomena. I was never a believer in the supernatural so I always had a hard time with religious explanation.

Realising, eventually that there is an ongoing discussion of I.D. vs. Evolution, made me delve a little bit deeper to find out the implications of teaching I.D. in schools let alone in science class. Dover was interesting at the time it happened but now the court case has a lot more meaning to me. 139 pages of comments by Judge Jones helped me to nutshell the opposing schools of thought. I’ve learned a lot. What a scam I.D. is and what a load of .…er.….misinformation the DI site harbours. The snake oil peddlers at the Center for S & C should be brought to task for their disservice to the gullible.

I’m glad I found PT and T.O as both these sites have helped me get my facts straight and have updated my knowledge on the Theory of Evolution as well as the controversy.

I have always known that the truth of the natural world around us is of utmost importance. Scientific independence and integrity is alive and well I’m happy to find out. I thank each and every one of you for your scientific insights. Keep up the good work, for all our sakes.

Now. Why am I giving you this brief history?

I would love to be the lay fly on the wall at these symposiums. That would be the cherry on my lay cake.

I’m hoping the symposiums will produce many web videos. The talks at the SSE Sponsored Symposia on the 25th would be a good set of videos as these talks will be more on the current science. Recently I enjoyed “Steve Jones: Why creationism is wrong and evolution is right” at the Royal Society. I hadn’t realised AIDS validated the Theory of Evolution so well.

Gene Goldring

What I’d like to know is where is the real meeting? You know the one where you all discuss the EVILUTIONIST CONSPIRACY™. Has the secret handshake changed?



did you ever catch any of Dr. Ken Miller’s talks?

you might like those.

here’s a link where you should be able to download various versions:

Wow, Gene. That was a really good thing to read. I spend far too many hours each day writing for extreme fundamentalists, and it is too easy to think that all the world is opposed to reason.

PS: wamba, I agree that Steve Fuller, Mike Argento and Eric Rothschild would also quicken the mix.

Looks like a good meeting. Have fun!

This is off topic, and directed those who manage PT: everytime I try to read the thread about the Kansas science standards above, explorer shuts down. I’ve tried on two computers. This thread is fine, so I think the problem may be there. Thanks for any help you can give me!

nevermind! I tried Mozilla and it worked fine. My 16 year old son would have suggested this (after rolling his eyes, of course-he never uses explorer). Thanks anyway!

To clarify, I am still seeking housing, if there are any grad students out there who wouldn’t mind me bringing a sleeping pad or something and staying in their dorm room. I have a lot of good creationism war stories to share at this point, so it might not be entirely uninteresting.

I would of course pay my share of lodging costs etc.

As a last resort I can book a place with a hotel, but four nights plus four days of a rental car in Long Island adds up to quite a bit, and saving $800 bucks here is $800 more that can be spent fighting the creationists…

Email me at if anyone is interested.

Alternatively, there is always Mike’s hobbit hole, but I bet some frazzled PhD candidate is already occupying it and biting anyone else who tries to enter. ;-)

Thanks Sir_Toejam. It’s Dr. Miller for desert tonight. ;)

You aren’t alone Gary. I’ve been discussing the controversy in the Community forums of a computer tech site. I have a rather large captive audience. Many view the debates that are generated by me. Simply posting evolutionary discoveries and any leap forward awarded by the courts is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Many don’t get involved but are watching none the less. Quite a few are young and need to know the difference between fairy tales and facts.

Nick. You’ve heard of random and chance I believe. Think outside the box a bit. Summon up some of that pent-up extravert you’ve been hiding and hit the clubs after the meeting. You may find a friendly face in the crowd. Wink Wink. Say no more.…

Wink wink, nudge nudge…Whats it like then?

I went to my first postdoc conference in Washington DC. I slept in the bushes behind the hotel for two nights. I took buses from MD for the next two. Apparently the buses were supposed to be dangerous because they were full of negros.

OH MY! Lions and Tigers and Negros! OH MY!

Some things have gotten better since then.

I had a sleeping bag for the first conference I attended as a postdoc. I used it in the bushes of the Washington DC Hilton for two nights, and then I took a bus in from MD for the next two.

Apparently the buses were “dangerous” because they were full of negros!

Lions and tigers and Negros! OH My!

Some things are better. Not many.

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