KCFS Sponsors Speeches: What’s the Matter with Kansas’ Science Standards?


.. and why you should care.

KCFS invites Panda’s Thumber’s from all over to visit us next week and get your fill of discussion of the science standards. Here’s what we’ve got planned so far:

“What’s the Matter With Kansas’ Science Standards, And Why Should You Care?”

A presentation by Jack Krebs President of Kansas Citizens For Science and Member of the Science Standards Writing Committee

Jack Krebs will speak on the meaning of the changes made to the Kansas science standards by the creationist majority on the Board of Education. You’re invited to attend the following talks. All are free and open to the public

If you can help advertise, download the appropriate flier and distribute it in any way that will help. Thanks.

Monday, July 24, 7-9 PM, at Johnson County Community Center, Carlsen Center, Room 211, College Blvd. & Quivira, Overland Park, Kansas flier

Thursday, July 27, 7-9 PM,, at Hutchinson Community College & Area Vocational School, Shears Technology Center, 1300 N. Plum, Hutchinson, Kansas flier

NEW - Friday, July 28, 7-9 PM, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 710 N Main St, Garden City, Kansas flier

NEW - Saturday, July 29, 1-3 PM, at Tomanek Hall, Room 106, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas flier

Monday, July 31, 7-9 PM at Kansas City Kansas Community College - Performing Arts Center, 7250 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. flier

See here for additional resources associated with these talks.

Sponsored by Kansas Citizens For Science www.kcfs.org

Information: Jack Krebs – 785-840-5113 [Enable javascript to see this email address.]


Hopefully, Jack will have a question and answer senssion at the end of his speeches.

We would like to inguire about some of the things he is saying about the oppositon.

I am sure he has good explanations.

Its just that the public should here them.

About half of each session will be question and answer. I think that discussion with the audience is a very important part of presentations like this.

I didn’t know of anywhere else to put this. Just thought it was cool. http://www.livescience.com/animalwo[…]ta_wing.html

Thats good. Mr. Krebs will be able to explain why he is not lying.

Half of each session you say?

Oh, boy!

That’s not you, is it Mr. Calvert?

Whether it is or isn’t, perhaps you could enlighten us as to what Jack might be lying about?

No, that’s not Calvert. He doesn’t do internet forums, and he wouldn’t post like that.

I welcome discussion of topics that I or anyone else might be less than honest about, as long as the discussion has specifics and not mere assertions and name-calling.

Note that two new locations have been added in western Kansas.

Jack is right that Calvert does not post like that.

But we know that Jack does.

On his site, he makes accusations of lying and other smears.

His site his FULL of posters making vicious statements about believers, cursing, and general name calling.

He knows all about Liz’s post, and yet he excuses it.

On his site, he says the forum is for people to say what they want…sure, until he bans them…so he can’t help it if people use strong language. (Some would call it the fequent use of ad hominems.)

So here is the real problem, KCFS…he claims… is all about science education. In Fact, the forums are dominated by atheists you use SCIENTISM to attack religion.

As I said, Jack excuses this by saying the forums are just for people to discuss and not directly related to KCFS! Forget that KCFS is providing the cover of “science education” for these attacks.

I have to admit I was wavering, I came to think that evolution was perhaps not about promoting a materialistic atheist view. Whenever I raised doubts I had though, I was met with vicious baiting, name calling, subtle threats of banning…and some not so subtle…, frequent calls for my dismissal, and what I suspect were things done in my name. A dedicated litte swarm of committed atheists…they are proud to tell you that…tag team attack anyone who expresses serious doubts.

I really wondered about the viciousness of it all…I now see the light! It is because I was raising doubts about their metaphysical beliefs…like true fundatmentalists they could not STAND to see their religion of evolution challenged in any way.

I now see that Calvert and the ID people WERE right, and will do all I can to support them.

Well, gee whiz, Christensen. You’ve made a believer outta me! So what is it that makes all these darn athiests so EVIL? What nefarious evil schemes are they up to?

I didn’t say they were evil. (Although that IS what Richard Dawkins suggests about people who question evolution.)

I said they are doing just what the fundamentalists are doing.

Take a look at KCFS and see what happens if you try to express any doubts.

The historical experience has not been good when atheists get political power, just as it has not been good when certain types of “fundies” get political power.

And there is a large contingent of them using SCIENTISM as a COVER for their actions.

Christensen, could you point me to some examples which illustrate your case. If what you are saying is true, no doubt they exist in abundance.…..

In Fact, the forums are dominated by atheists you use SCIENTISM to attack religion.

But “teach the controversy” ain’t about religion. No sirree, Bob. It’s just them lying atheist darwinists who say it is.

(snicker) (giggle)

PLEASE tell me that you are willing to testify in any future court case that evolution is just an atheist attack on religion.

PLEASE tell me that.

This is why I love fundies so much. All you have to do is let them talk long enough, and they shoot themselves in the head every time. They simply cannot keep their mouths shut.

I can’t WAIT till this whole thing goes to court.

Me neither!

By the way, Jack is at it again over at KCFS accusing Calvert of lying.

Interestingly, Liz is listed as the media/PR contact on the KCFS list of board members, although in a post on the forums she says that is really a meaningless term.

So why list it?

At best, that is…misleading.

At best.

(I’d love to debate you on this at KCFS Jack, if you have the guts.)

THe IDiots had their day in court in Dover. They had their first, best chance there. You can see the result.

And bluntly speaking, Calvert is a liar. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Speaking of “not having the guts”, Christensen, why oh why why why won’t YOU answer any of my simple questions . …?

I’ll tell you what “Rev.” Flank, lets debate at KCFS, which is what is relevant to Kansas right now!

Set it up and I am ready! ALL your questions will be answered and your positions refuted.

But I want Kansans to see it.

Bring it on…if you have the guts!

Which one of the “Flock of Dodo’s” are you Christensen?

Apparently Christensen thinks that he’s the only person in Kansas who can access websites located outside of the state.

Hey, come on Lenny! Tell your friend Jack you want to debate me at KCFS! Thats where the action will be until the election on Aug. 1st. Its the place to be they tell us!

What are you waiting for!

Bring it on!

oooooooooh a debate, do we bring pop up books? …snicker.

Someone should make like a Bayesean filter (these actually have been shown to work, as opposed to the Explanatory Filter) to categorize Creationist claims according to the Index of Creationist Claims.

We could automate the answers, and these debates would be a lot less painful and time-consuming.

Hey, come on Lenny! Tell your friend Jack you want to debate me at KCFS!

I have a better idea, Christensen — why don’t you stop waving your arms all around and, um, just answer my goddamn questions?

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