head.jpg Butterstick, my youngest, was talking the other day about this new website he found, Myspace. After checking out the site and seeing all the cool people I can be friends with, I decided to sign up.

So if you want to become my friend, an official Pandit, you can do so on Myspace.


Wow, is this the first time you’ve heard of MySpace?

I suffer from chronic under-a-rock syndrome when it comes to net fads, but I thought everyone knew of MySpace by now. I’m sure I read somewhere that it’s currently behind only Google and Yahoo in global net use statistics and is actually number one in the US.

I haven’t used it myself, though. I might try and get an account.

IMHO, unless you need MySpace to keep up with friends (lacking a Facebook account, for instance), steer WAY clear of that craphole of stray HTML tags and personal web-eyesores. I have long boycotted MySpace and have even started a Facebook group called “Delete Your MySpace!”

Farkin’ MySpace.

Perhaps Prof. Steve Steve could give us a report on his experience with the MySpace malware.

Prof, I think it’s possible your popularity has broken the internets. I went to add you as a MySpace friend and MySpace wouldn’t load.

Or possibly it just stopped working on Firefox. Ignore me!

Professor Steve Steve is Butterstick’s dad? I’m a friend of Butterstick (he lives less than a mile from me in the National Zoo), and while I don’t recall him mentioning his dad (or saying anything, actually), everyone seems to assume his dad is his mom’s (Mei Xiang) mate Tian Tian. So Mei’s been two-timing with you, Steve Steve? Well, you are no doubt a more interesting conversationalist than Tian Tian.

Myspace is so great. Your blog is great too:)

I love what you did with the place.

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