Odontogriphus omalus


A new report in this week's Nature clears up a mystery about an enigmatic fossil from the Cambrian. This small creature has been pegged as everything from a chordate to a polychaete, but a detailed analysis has determined that it has a key feature, a radula, that places it firmly in the molluscan lineage. It was a kind of small Cambrian slug that crawled over matted sheets of algae and bacteria, scraping away a meal.

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Dang, I droped my Nature subscription last year and this year they seem to be publishing lots of cool stuff.

Science mag is still coming every week, and over all I would rather support AAAS than Nature. $150 is about the cost of an over night tuna fishing trip which provides a proper perspective on things.

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Looks like it ought to be called Drschollus shoeinsertus.

Well, if the shoe fits…

So that’s where they got the idea of pancakes, just pour maple on the plate and watch the pancakes absorb everything…

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