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UPDATE: A summary and MP3 of the relevant part of the Achievement Committee meeting are available here. The first voice is co-chair Father Michael Cochran, one of the two main ID pushers on the State BOE.


What a coincidence that these seem to be precisely the areas of science that have proved bothersome to either fundies or neocons…

On a somewhat related side note: I’m sorry if someone had previously posted this and I missed it, but if no-one has posted it yet then I feel this should be brought to your attention.


“ Earlier this year, the Hare Krishnas filed an amicus curiae brief supporting I.D.-creationists. …

In the Cobb County case, the Hare Krishnas appealed to the court to keep the anti-Darwinian warning stickers. As the stickers only attack Darwin without endorsing a specifically Christian God, Hare Krishnas see them as an opportunity to introduce Vedic creationism into American schools. They know that once one religion gets its foot inside the door, all others will automatically get equal time to bring in their own creation stories and cosmologies into science classrooms in America.”

Well, that’s what a lot of people have been saying, haven’t they?

May we all be touched by His Noodly Appendage. Or, for the fundies, poked in the arse with Her Invisible Pink Horn.

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