The PIGs keep coming


Oh, no. Our work is never going to end. You should take a look at the new Politically Incorrect Guides that will be coming out after Wells'.

At least the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Holocaust looks like it will be very short.


I am compiling a blogroll of atheists and agnostics. Do you consider yourself to be in either of these categories? And if so, would you like to be added to the blogroll?

I dunno, I’d expect the Guide to Holocaust to be a grand, ten-thousand page tome repeating “It didn’t happen!” over and over again. After all, if you repeat it enough times, it’s gotta be true, right?

On the other hand, I’m entirely looking forward to the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Universe. Myths busted include: “Don’t Panic!”

Actually all that stuff doesn’t seem too far-fetched given the publisher of the PIG series, let alone the series itself. There’s a difference between “politcally incorrect” and “factually wrong to the extent that it makes sane historians vomit profusely.”

hey, the only useful book in this series will be:

“The Politically Incorrect Guide to Politically Incorrect Guides”

at least that will index all the books i can tell students and friends not to bother with.

at least that will index all the books …

Not accurately.

ahh, ya got me there.

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I can’t wait for the Politically Incorrect Guide to Neuroscience, where perhaps the area of neurotheology can be addressed, as has been noted in the The Neurophilosopher’s blog entry “The new science of neurotheology”:

Already the research in this area has attracted criticism on the grounds that it is an attempt by scientists to disprove the existence of God. This is not the goal of those investigating this field. Human beings have an innate capacity to believe in God, a capacity unique to our species. Whether or not God exists, or whether or not one has a belief in God is irrelevant - this capacity for religiosity is hard-wired in our brains.

Wait for the next legal battle coming to a courtroom near you.

Here’s another golden opportunity for IDers to back up their empty claim that ID is not creationism. Although ID is creationism in the sense that it is a strategy to misrepresent evolution and pitch a wrong or useless design-based alternative, IDers seem to know that YEC (what most people think when they see “creationism”) is thoroughly falsified. So “equal time” for a “Politically Incorrect Guide to YEC” would be in order.

Apparently not everyone believes there is a ‘God spot’ in the human brain:[…]od_spot.html

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