Creationism in Hawaii - a post-election update


Last week, both PZ Myers and I posted about some anti-evolution candidates running for the school board out here in Hawaii. The state primary election was Saturday, so I thought an update on this election might be a good idea.

There’s good news, not-too-bad news, and bad news. Read more (at The Questionable Authority):


Doesn’t being a noncommittal coward make a politician lose votes?

No, quite the contrary. It’s when a politician commits to something that he loses votes. I non-committed politician can make vagues statements that sound like they support everyone. Once you come out on anything, you alienate roughly half your audience.

Horatio Humphrey supposedly once said, “I am against forced bussing, unless it is used to achieve racial integration!” Here, he’s trying the classic politicians gambit, appealing to both sides of an issue at the same time. He’s against forced bussing! Except in the one case, which was the only case it was being used for. In short, he is in favor of forced bussing, but wants to sound like he supports the opposition as well. BRILLIANT!

Humphrey was too obvious about playing the game, so didn’t get elected president. His intellectual descendents have gotten more clever, but the vapidity is still there.

It’s for reasons like this that I hate politics.

I’m betting that the non-answers are more likely to be good news than bad. The creationists are more prone to vote on narrow issues, and even a vague response (like, ‘leave it up to referenda’) in their favor would encourage them. A vague comment in favor of “leaving it up to the voters” or some such thing is not as likely to disqualify a candidate (or at least wasn’t in the past) in the eyes of those who want science to be taught as science.

So it looks like pandering to the creationists is calculated as not paying off in Hawaii, even so much as to throw them a bone. I wouldn’t be as pessimistic as Dunford, then, especially since silence in Hawaii suggests tacit approval of the status quo.

I appreciate the news. We ought to be more aware of the areas which are not hotspots at present, just in case a stealth campaign might get under way precisely where nobody is looking.

Glen D

Horatio Humphrey supposedly once said, “I am against forced bussing, unless it is used to achieve racial integration!”

I recall a politician named Hubert Horatio Humphrey; he used to be vice president…

(Tom Lehrer fans now all sing, “Whatever became of you, Hubert…”)

As Mark Twain may have said, “There were once two brothers. One sought his fortune on a tramp steamer, the other became Vice President of the United States. Neither was ever heard from again.”


It seems to be my day for apocryphal quotations

It now seems plain to me that that theory ought to be vacated in favor of a new and truer one…the Descent of Man from the Higher Animals. - “The Lowest Animal”

Didn’t Mark Twain accept ID?

Why do you say that?

Why do you ask?

Okay if we are talking about ID advocates, then thats a different story. Leave them out of the Creation Science side, they have nothing to do with us. They are just confused silly goofs running around the political realm with their heads between their legs trying to figure out up from down.

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