Good news for Minnesota! Minnesota Citizens for Science Education has been officially launched. This is a new advocacy group with the goal of promoting good science education in our state. Specifically—

A scientifically literate population is essential to Minnesota's future. To that end, Minnesota Citizens for Science Education (MnCSE) will bring together the combined resources of teachers, scientists, and citizens to assure, defend, and promote the teaching and learning of evolutionary biology and other sciences in K-12 public school science classrooms, consistent with current scientific knowledge, theories, and practice.

If you'd like to be more involved, join the group. Browse the personal statements of the science advisors. Come on down to Science Education Saturday at the Bell Museum, on 11 November.

Oh, and if you like the logo, buy it on a t-shirt or coffee mug.


From the MCSE website front page…

(There’s a US map shown with numbers in each state)

What’s this? Numbers of Bigfoot sightings? Alien abductions? No, it’s the number of life sciences professionals in each state who Dissent from Darwinism.

Woo Hoo! Texas has 23! We… um.….. won?

Cool, and good for you guys.

Citizens for science is what we all should be!

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Ammonoids are obviously the letter “G”. For “C”, use a scaphopod, caecum, or dislodged curled-up chiton in profile.

Or, y’all could be the Minnesota G{uys|irls} for Science Education.

Nov 11th? Sure, put stuff during deer population management season. You leave me with a tough choice. Help bring balance to nature, or attend the bell museum stuff?…

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