Steve Fuller and Christian Exceptionalism


Poor Francis Collins: now his book has been panned in New Scientist…by Steve Fuller. That Steve Fuller, the pompous pseudo-post-modernist who testified for Intelligent Design creationism in Dover. His criticism has an interesting angle, though. Collins is just like Richard Dawkins. Who knew?

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For a thorough dissection of Fuller’s discourse - see Norman Levitt’s essay here.

(from the link)

“rather like Richard Dawkins, he treats religions equally”


To what depths of depravity have we sunk?!

The Horror of it all!

Hahahahah Nice link Mark …priceless.

Fuller always strikes me as Berlinski on speed with a dash of Prozac, no pathos, no La Vie est dure. If you knock out all the nouns in his tracts you get a wonderfully clear big screen projection…

eg.From one Fuller sentence “ arrested.…captured… get what they(he) want(s)” .…which I can only speculate must be to insulate his hair brain from the voice of reason.

With freinds like Fuller the DI loonies don’t need enemies…ahhhhh ..mais elle (la Vie) est belle.

New Scientist is seriously starting to creep me out.

I stopped subscribing to New Scientist a couple of years ago. I found I was getting better value out of Nature which gave me the raw papers without the journalistic overlay, and also has an excellent section for news, opinion, book reviews, etc.

I probably would have continued with NS as well as Nature, but I ended up reading too many garbage articles where the editors had clearly ignored their bullshit detectors. It culminated in a piece by Paul Davies in which he argued that the universe had to have purpose because the number of possible combinations of events in spacetime overwhelmed the computational capacity of the universe to come up with all those combinations. Essentially it was a very old creationist argument (it’s all too complex) dressed up in a new mathematical delusion. I had been bothered by NS a lot before that, but this was the article that finally cracked my desire to read it and I let my subscription lapse soon after. I hasten to add that Paul Davies is not even remotely an old-style creationist, which makes his co-opting of such a pathetic argument even more disappointing.

You know, all the atheist ridicule of Collins is comtemptible.

Collins is many times the scientist and has done many times as much as whiners like PZ Myers, etc.

Your hate is showing.

Somebody didn’t read the link before responding.

Collins is many times the scientist

And he thinks life evolved and ID “science” is full of crap.

By the way, how many scientists were involved in writing the revised Kansas science standards, again . … … ?

Your hate is showing.

Can we take that as an indication that you can’t respond to the actual arguments?

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