DI’s Claims on ID Research

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The Discovery Institute appears to be getting a bit sensitive over us nasty old Darwinists demanding actual scientific research to justify the “revolutionary paradigm shift” they keep talking about. Silly scientists, expecting actual results! So they’re trying to answer those demands by claiming first that there is real research going on, but it’s under double secret probation at a secret lair, and they’d tell us about it but they know we’d send in Agent Smart to burn down the lab. And second, by sending out a press release claiming to have spent $4 million on “scientific and scholarly research”, loosely defined to include their ongoing work in the quote mines (never forget: send the canary in first or the methane might get ya). I’ve got full responses to both sad attempts to deflect attention from their utter lack of research to confirm ID, at Dispatches from the Culture wars. The first is here, the second is here. Comments may be left there.

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Their research is so well hidden you’d swear that it doesn’t exist. Hmm…

Glen D http://tinyurl.com/b8ykm

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