Flock of Dodos in Raleigh


Since Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus has now found a distributor, Documentary Educational Resources, institutions, like libraries and universities, can now buy a copy for $345, which includes public performance rights.

I have asked the NCSU Library to acquire a copy, which they’ve agreed to do. (Coturnix did so as well.)

When the DVD comes in, the library is going to hold it for me. When I get it, I plan on having a screening, putting those public performance rights to good use. I still have to work out the details, but if you are in the research-triangle area and want information regarding the showing, post a comment with your contact email address. Whenever the details get worked out, I’ll drop y’all a line.


Daryl Cobranchi [Enable javascript to see this email address.]

I’m in Fayetteville, but it’d deefinitely be worth the drive to see the flick and meet some of the PT regulars.

I’m in Charlotte, and out of town a lot, but would love to try to make something, if possible, on the weekends.

The movie is also playing on Sat Oct 14 at Denver Museum of Natural History with the filmmaker.

Hi Reed,

I am moving from Australia to the triangle area in three weeks (my wife is starting a PhD at Duke). I have been a Pandas Thumb visitor for a few years now so I am interested in the screening, and to be honest I am also interested in the opportunity to meet people from NC.


(Dr Nic now! Only just found out this week! Not that I am boasting or anything…)

I’m going to try to get one for PSU Altoona.

I’ve been wanting to see this movie. I live in Apex (just got back from the evactuation)

shoot me the info when you get it @ fross(at)epicgames.com

I’m on Cape Hatteras until December, so drop me a line at wildlifer(at)ionet.net

(Dr Nic now! Only just found out this week! Not that I am boasting or anything…)


Thanks RBH!

There are so many things I would like to go back and do differently I am not all that proud of it. I don’t feel i deserve it.

I’d be interested in seeing it, linving in NE Raleigh.

[Enable javascript to see this email address.]

I would drive up from Wilmington for a showing. Almost anytime.

I’ve ordered a copy through Cal State Fullerton. I’ll see what I can set up. Let me know if you are in the Los Angeles area and want to help.

Jim Hofmann

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