Here it comes...EuroScopes!

Well, if you needed any more evidence that creationists are doing their best to drag Europe down to America’s level, here you go:

St. Petersburg court starts investigation of a schoolgirl’s civil suit against teaching of Darwin’s theory

26 October 2006, 12:10

St. Petersburg, October 26, Interfax - Oktyabrsky district court started Wednesday considering a civil suit brought by a senior pupil who complained about the teaching of Darwin’s theory, a court source told Interfax.

After the sides listened to each other, the court requested opinion of experts in religion, theology and Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Experts from the St. Petersburg University will be asked to elucidate some problems.

The next court session will take place on December 13.

The suit against the teaching of Darwin’s theory in school was brought to the court by a senior pupil Maria Shraiber and her father, Kirill Shraiber. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science is named a defendant.

Maria is a minor, and her father represents her interests. The declaration says that the teaching of Darwin’s theory in school as the only correct teaching violates her right of choosing her philosophy of life and insults her religious feelings.

According to the plaintiffs, they seek restriction on the teaching of the theory of evolution and the indication in the curriculum that science has proved no theory of the origin of man.

Heck, if the court is going to call experts in Marxism/Leninism and theology, but no scientists, the Schraibers might have a shot. I hope somebody over there is paying attention.

I have heard that fundamentalist churches (usually started by American missionaries) have been taking off in Eastern Europe in the last decade or two. Whaddya wanna bet there is a connection? Google reveals no details of any sort, but my spidey sense is acting up.