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Some bloggers in North Carolina have organized a Science Blogging Conference. It is going to be held all day, Saturday January 20th on the UNC Chapel Hill Campus. The conference is free to attend. So go and register if you can make it. I promise that Prof. Steve Steve will be on hand if you want to share a beer with him.

Our conference will address a variety of issues and perspectives on science communication, including science literacy, the popularization of science, science in classrooms and in homes, debunking pseudoscience, using blogs as tools for presenting scientific research, writing about science, and health and medicine.

The conference is sponsored by ibibilo and UNC Medical Journalism program. (It is looking for additional sponsors as well.)

Go Visit the Homepage!


Apologies for the totally off-topic comment, but has anyone visited Uncommonly Dense lately? The link redirects to this and the message “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.” Looks like somebody forgot to pay the gravity bill!

Things at UD are back to abnormal. Sorry for the interruption…

sweet! I live in Apex, NC.

Sweet! I just had to evacuate Apex!! damn chemical plant.

Is there any way (font-size reduction) to “thin” the sticky version of this post down so it won’t require us to scroll past a sea of blue?

TIA. Stevie

Stevie speaks my mind…

Uh-oh, David.

Have you by any chance noticed a distinctive narrowing of your upper cranium, recently?

Re “Is there any way (font-size reduction) to “thin” the sticky version of this post down so it won’t require us to scroll past a sea of blue?”

Is that even when your browser window is stretched all the way across the screen? Mine does that when my window is half to 2/3 of the screen wide.


Yep, even with window wide open.

But then, I’m using IE, which I gather is pretty bottom-of-the-line.

OTOH, lots of people are stuck with IE…

No, Stevie, you are still the only ‘pinhead’ around here…

Seriously, I use Firefox and similarly have an issue with the vertical space enveloped by this ‘sticky’.


I have a hard enough time buying hats as it is. Be a shame if everyone started having the same problem…

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