Scientists of the World, Unite!


Chris Mooney’s article in the November issue of Seed is up on the Seed website. It is about the new group Scientists and Engineers for America (SEforA) which made a splash in the New York Times last week.

Science 2006

For too long scientists have approached politics with one hand tied behind their backs. This November, Chris Mooney says, that’s going to change.

He also has a blog post up, “Scientists of the World, Unite!


Why do scientists keep providing all the wmds the worlds leaders ask for?

Only evil men put guns in the hands of children.

I started a thread a couple of weeks ago on Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’forum - called ‘Political Attacks on Science’:

- good to see some scientists in the USA biting back

“What Scientists and Engineers for America seeks to accomplish runs strongly against the instincts of the nation’s scientists, however, who have traditionally been much more inclined to write a letter to Nature than sign a check funding attack ads.”

This will not amount to much of anything. There are too few scientists and they are not particularly wealthy. So, as a group, they lack the customary ingredients for political influence - large blocks of voters and sizable campaign contributions.

The only attributes of influence scientists have in spades is the respect and trust large blocks of voters do have in their integrity, neutrality and competance.

I suggest we stick to writing those letters to Nature.

And now the scientists have built the bomb for North Korea.

Fools in lab coats will end up destroying civilization.

Sure the politicians use the wmds, but if the scienshits didn’t build them, the point would be moot.

As Oppenhiemer said, the scientists have blood on their hands.

Fundies only dream about the end of the world, the scientists have made it possible.

Yeah, science is your friend.

All the antibiotics in the worlds won’t help radiation poisoning.

“Scientists” have hurt my family.

Help! Panda’s Thumb is under attack by the tracklisting from an Aphex Twin album!

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