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Skeptic Magazine publisher Michael Shermer will be in Oakton, Virginia this Thursday, October 12, to discuss his new book Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design. The talk is being cohosted by The Alliance for Science and the National Capitol Area Skeptics. Regrettably, I will be unable to attend. Having heard Shermer speak several times previously, I can say with some confidence that will be an interesting and informative talk. If you're anywhere near Oakton, I strongly encourage you to attend.

The talk will be from 7:30-9:30, but Shermer will be signing copies of his book before the talk. Click here for more information.


If you say Darwin matters, that means he automatically doesn’t.

They don’t call it Uncommonly Dense for nothing.

Thanks for the link, Steve S. Obviously all the hubbub about AIDS means that it doesn’t matter.

Someone should ask the UD crowd if their arguments apply to “Why God matters.” I can’t. I’m banned.

Yeah, somebody should tell the Dishonesty Institute, also.

Intelligent Design Theory: Why it Matters - by Jay Richards

I attended Dr. Shermer’s talk at Harvard on Tuesday, and it was fantastic. I tend to disagree with his thoughts on converting conservatives away from evolution denial. Saying that evolution supports conservative policies seems pretty close to the naturalistic fallacy, plus I think that conservatives who deny evolution will end up feeling patronised. Keep in mind, they’re already convinced that evolution is not only factually wrong but also the source of all of our secular, hedonistic nation’s ills; why should they trust some atheist liberal PhD who says that, no, really, evolution supports everything they already believe?

BUT, on matters of the science and history of evolution, he shines. He does a particularly good job of explaining why evolution is important (duh) and conversely why ideas like ID are damaging to science and society. I also like the way he emphasizes that the whole point of evolutionary theory is that it explains why some biological structures have the appearance of design. They are designed! Just not by some Bearded Guy in the Sky. Evolution is in itself a design methodology.

Seems like Shermer’s been a busy boy today. At noon he appeared at the Cato Institute on a platform with Jonathan Wells, author of the “Promiscuously Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.” Podcast and RealVideo recordings of the event are linked from the Cato site. See[…]ermer-wells/

Mike Shermer also did an interview for The Sci Phi Show on his new book and ID/Creationism in general. It was a pretty interesting interview and he was an interesting guy to talk too.

The interview is 22:39 long and can be found at


The Shermer talk was well attended and was followed by a lively Q&A. Thanks Jason for the publicity here and on EvolutionBlog.

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