Now It’s Really, Really Over


As I posted previously, the South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Race had resulted in a narrow sliver of a win by the pro-science candidate Jim Rex. But the creationist candidate, Karen Floyd, had the option of protesting the results. Today however she has finally conceded.


Well, it’s about time.

But there’s still lots of work to do in SC on science education, though.

Sadly, we here in Georgia decided to keep Kathy Cox as our Superintendent.

This is good news from SC, though the closeness of the margin means that pro-science (pro-Reality) citizens can’t afford to relent.

But at least we know which side God picked, because we only have the illusion of choosing, it was obviously in His will.

Don’t think the lady has gone away. In addition to all the wildly successful businesses she has started, she is also determined to become SOMEONE IMPORTANT in the state GOP. So prepare yourselves for her to take another run at elected office at the first opportunity. Not only do you have to nail the coffin lid shut on some of these folks, you have to drive the stake completely through the heart.

Sorry to step on this thread, but I don’t want this message to get lost in the 400-post Religious War thread, and I want to make sure all my cyber-friends here see it. And the title of this thread makes it rather appropriate. ;)

Allow me to take this time to say “goodbye, farewell and amen” to everyone.

My motive in fighting the IDers was a simple one — I wanted to prevent the fundamentalist wackos from gaining political power, and since ID was the wedge issue that they chose to gain entry to political power, that is the issue where I fought them.

That fight is now over.

ID is dead. Dembski, Behe and the others have gone back to preaching. The fundamentalist organizations are all in disarray. The Republicrats who provided political support for the fundies are now political pariahs. The fundies and the Republicrats are already fighting with each other. And the recent election results make it pretty clear that it will be years, if not decades, before the fundies ever get near real political power again.

Meanwhile, with no longer any fundamentalist enemy to fight, the anti-ID movement has already collapsed into pointless Jihad amongst ourselves over religious opinions. I have no interest in that, nor do I see any utility to it.

So I am moving on to more pressing (and more useful) political matters. The recent election results have shown that the Democrats, while they still haven’t grown themselves a pair, do at least seem to have gained ONE gonad, which is better than the NONE they had before. Hence, I am moving on to the task of forcing the Democratic leadership to *be* Democratic, and not allow them to revert to their previous role as Democans who were indistinguishable from Republicrats.

In my years here, I have made many cyber-friends. Sadly, I also think I recently *lost* some of those cyber-friends over this silly Religious War. Regardless, whether you will miss me or will not miss me, I will miss ALL of you.

It goes without saying, of course, that the fundies will never go away. If, in future years, the fundie anti-evolutioners (whatever new name they choose for themselves) appear again as a semi-effective political movement, I will be back to fight them.

Till then, goodbye, all, and good luck to each of you.

Solidarity forever.

Thanks, Lenny!

Have a pizza or two and hoist a Viking Piss or three on me.

I think I’ll skip the kayak lesson, though!

Thanks from me too, Lenny. You’ve succeeded in making clear, to at least this one lurker, many of the angles employed by the ID movement. I’ll miss you but I understand your leaving; as usual, your description of the current situation with the IDers and with the “anti-IDer’s” is dead-on.

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