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Well, our server upgrade didn’t go as planned. As a consolation prize, we’ve added another gig of memory to the existing server, and made changes to the server to take advantage of it. We are still planning to upgrade our server and our bandwidth connection. We have enough funds for a new server, but if you feel like donating for the future, give to the Talk.Origins Foundation.

I’ve also reenabled compression for Microsoft Internet Explorer. My tests show me that the previous pt-msie interaction problem has been fixed, probably when I finally fixed the time zone two weeks ago. Let me know if you are having problems with pages not updating correctly.


Thanks Reed

As a consolation prize, we’ve added another gig of memory to the existing server,

Commodore 64’s can hold a gig of memory?


I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not the server or the bandwidth but the bandwidth provider. I got Problem Loading Page for 10 minutes trying to post this joke, and it’s 5 in the morning. How could the bandwidth be clogged at 5 in the morning?

Whatever you guys did, things seem to be working much more smoothly, both over the weekend and this morning.

Thanks (but keeps fingers crossed…)!

Reed — Thank you for your efforts. Also, I agree with Steviepinhead, things are going more smoothly now…

Computer + communication ‘life’ forms — Biologists study living things which reproduce using DNA and all that. Then some have suggested memes, which reproduce by being told to another credulous person. But it seems that the internet is now being inhabited by some strange messages, which come from who knows where, making all sorts of ‘error’ messages, which then go who knows where…

Yes, I know about e-viruses and e-worms, etc. But these new forms are just e-parasites which do nothing but eat up machine and communication resources…

And the point of putting this here is to ask what these ought to be named. I dislike the overly strong analogies to life-forms. And, of course, to point out that these latest forms, while probably designed by an malware engineer, cannot be proven to be designed at all…

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