Well, well, Wells: Jonathan Wells reacts


Jonathan Wells, the creationist who makes shoddy claims about developmental biology, has deigned to respond to my criticisms…but only indirectly, on another blog. It's an interesting response, in that it once again reveals Wells' misunderstandings of biology, and his sneaky way of inserting phony claims.

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Man, will Wells ever learn

Speaking of shoddy claims about biology…sorry to hijack this thread, but I need responses from people. I’ve also asked PZ, but I figure this isn’t a bad place to ask, too.

The University of Aberdeen is having a speaker tomorrow (Wednesday) on the topic “Neo-Darwinism: Intelligent Design in Disguise?” –the speaker, for some reason, being a social anthropologist.

Anyway, I hardly expect people to show up to Scotland for it, but I was hoping interested parties would be able to contribute useful definitions of neo-Darwinism in the next 24 hours, for my planned questions to this fellow.

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