Go Forth and Vote Again


Have you voted today for the Panda’s Thumb as the best science blog of 2006? Remember that you can vote every 24 hours.

Right now we are in a race for third place with In the Pipeline.


You could also vote for Pharyngula.

But whatever you do, don’t vote for that wicked bad astronomer who hates squid.

Consider it done, boss. And, with voting so much in the air, why not drop over to here to vote for “Asshole of the year”: http://ahoythere06.blogspot.com/ Currently lying 2nd, our very lovely, very own Ann Coulter is in with a fighting chance. She’s up against some strong competition but I’m positive our girl can pull it off.

The person who directed me to The Panda’s Thumb stated that it was a science blog. I actually thought that was the case until I visited a couple of times and posted. I do not see this blog as a science blog, but rather an “anti-creationist” blog. The only object of writers here seems to be to try and discredit others. Wouldn’t a true ‘science blog’ stick to science rather than dogma and constant fear of other opinions, ideas, and conclusions? When a scientist has a finding that is worth reporting, he won’t have so much time to spend worrying about and freaking out over what another person has discovered or believes, but will report his own scientific findings that are real and valid.

Comments on the sticky “go forth and vote” article have been closed; what’s with that? Between that, server problems, the fact that PT doesn’t present all that much actual science, and much of what it does present is from Pharyngula, I’d be more inclined to vote for the latter, if I thought this poll was credible and legitimate – which I don’t.

The comments were closed because they developed into an argument over administrative decisions on another blog. I tried dumping the comments, but the discussion continued.

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