The Panda’s Thumb nominated for a Weblog Award

The 2006 Weblog Awards

The Panda's Thumb and several other worthy blogs have been nominated for the Weblog Awards, in the category of Best Science Blog. Here are the nominees:

John Hawks Anthropology Weblog
Good Math, Bad Math
Mixing Memory
The Panda's Thumb
In the Pipeline
Bad Astronomy Blog

Voting begins on Thursday, December 7. Vote early and often, and may the best html-formatted display of text information from an online database win.


How do you vote? I don’t see anything on the site.

Liz: The link isn’t really to the right place. You want to go here.

I do have to admit, considering that I see at least two categories where one entrant has several times more votes than all the others combined, I’m having trouble taking these awards seriously as anything other than a competition in ballot-stuffing.

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