Dog + Cat = Lion + Calf


Over at the “ID is nothing but science, we really mean it” Uncommon Dissent blog, there’s an interesting little biblical discussion going on right now. In this case, DaveScot’s remarkable response to a comment on the After the Bar Closes discussion board does an amazing job at evoking that Ghostbusters kind of feel.

Read More (at The Questionable Authority):


Please! We need to focus on the total idiocy (tard-ness) that is a DaveScott and his merry band of sycophants at UD!.

There is much mirth to be had by reading and writing about the Lion and the Lamb, the Demb and the Ski.

Although, the “Michal Martin” poster is ALMOST dumb enough to be on a level as a DaveScott.

Can’t we all be united by our disgust at the UD stupidity? What say YOU, “Doctor Martin”… and BTW, I still like your shoes…

Hey, you got rid of Doc Martin before he could tell us about his top-secret degree at Yale! Party-poopers!

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