Science and the National Park Service: a festering problem


The declining scientific content expressed by the National Park Service has been an issue for years; the latest complaints (that I wrote about, and that Wesley Elsberry has now brought up) are just recent flareups of awareness. The National Park Service seems determined to strip out anything intellectually challenging from the experiences in their parks — the ideal seems to be Chevy Chase's reaction from the movie Vacation (if you don't know what I mean, here's a short homage). Pete Dunkelberg has brought a letter in Science from 28 October 2005 to my attention — it accuses the Park Service of dumbing down the interpretive material and turning it into a purely aesthetic experience.

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I excerpted the letter in a comment on my thread here at PT.

Remembering George Deutsch, the ideological “minder” at NASA, I wonder if there isn’t such a person(s) at the National Park Service. I doubt that stripping anything intellectually challenging out of the park experience and selling junk science books “just happen.” There’s somebody at a desk who’s running this show and they need to be outed.

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