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I just got around to doing this past Sunday’s NYT magazine acrostic (1/7/07). Over the years I’ve been doing these puzzles, well, maybe once or twice a year I recognize the author/title, and even less often is it of a book I have read. This Sunday was one of those times. I was also rather surprised that the puzzle would even touch something related to evolution, let alone this particular author and book. They like to keep the puzzles as uncontroversial as possible.

If you’ve never done an acrostic before, give it a shot. Go ahead, look up everything online. I’ve even given you all a big clue.

A Seattle area school board rolls over and wimps out regarding global warming in response to a creationist nutcase parent, putting restrictions on showing An Inconvenient Truth. See the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for the story. Here’s the money quote: “The Bible says that in the end times everything will burn up, but that perspective isn’t in the DVD.” I just love how the moron knows we are approaching the end times.

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